In partnership with the Louvre Endowment Fund, The EDHEC Family Business Centre Conference aims at inspiring the family business members in engaging or pursuing their philanthropic activities, in a way that contributes to the family harmony, business sustainability and the well-being of the communities around them.

The conference starts with an exclusive art guided tour at the Musée du Louvre to learn about the families representations among artists across centuries.

Through an inspirational keynote speech, Igor de Maack will share with us the philanthropic journey that the family followed over generations, the triggers and consequences of philanthropy on the family, business, personal and community levels.

Through interactive workshops, participants will be invited to share experiences and best practices on the philanthropic process and raise questions that are of particular relevance for both the senior and the next generation.

An academic keynote by Rania Labaki, will highlight key learnings based on research about the models of family philanthropy across continents, the diversity of existing practices and their pitfalls, and the future perspectives towards strategic philanthropy. An overview of the Louvre Endowment Fund history and current activities will allow to reflect on a modern governance perspective of family philanthropy.


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