Temps de lecture :
25 Mar 2019

Aloys Fondeville is a first-year student in the Global Business track. He speaks four languages: Chinese, English, French and Spanish. Before joining the EDHEC International program, he studied for five years in Shanghai and graduated with mention Très Bien at the baccalaureate. 


Aloys Fondeville - EDHEC International BBA


"I chose to study at EDHEC Business School because it is famous for its expertise in both financial markets and corporate finance. In addition, EDHEC has triple accreditation which is an enormous advantage. I joined the Global Business track because it is the only program to offer the chance to study in Europe, in the U.S. and in China. I will be studying at UCLA extension next year and then at The Hong Kong Polytechnical University in my final year. These universities are very prestigious and I believe it will make a difference on my résumé.

There is a big difference between high school and what I study at EDHEC International BBA. At EDHEC, you always have to find creative solutions to the case studies we work on, whereas in high-school it was much more about learning by heart. This year, I study the fundamentals of business and commerce. I show great interest in any course related to Finance or Macroeconomics. Also, I learn a lot through the First Year Project: my project is called BlueGold and we raise funds to buy water filters which will be sent to Uganda. Thanks to this experience, I learned to manage a group of 5 students for one year, to organize events and to pilot a project for a long-term period. I really enjoy working in groups because we get the chance to find innovative solutions together. Most of the time, work is better if you are in groups because everyone participates. I learned to be patient and manage obstacles by being adaptable.

At the end of this year, I have to do my very first internship. I would love to work for a bank as an analyst apprentice, in a field related to investment or in a large consulting firm as a financial auditor trainee. I always enjoyed analyzing data and making decisions based on the results I have found. Being a financial analyst fits both my will to work in the financial industry and my passion for numbers. I read a lot of newspapers about financial events and I meet students who work in that industry to gain knowledge from their experience. I also spend a lot of time documenting myself and learning by reading books.

Next year, I will study at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles and I am very excited to go there because I will have the chance to live in the U.S. and to discover the local culture. I expect UCLA Extension to be an eye-opening experience about what it truly means to do business in the U.S. Also, I look forward to joining extra-curricular activities to meet students from various backgrounds. I will probably join the climbing sport association because it seems to be a breathtaking activity. 

Finally, after I graduate from this Bachelor of Business Administration program, I plan to pursue my studies in an MSc. at EDHEC Business School and then get a job with international exposure in China. "

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