Temps de lecture :
20 mai 2019

"If you want to study business and discover more about our world: I believe our program is the most complete and competitive on the market. In today’s world, it is important if not essential to have a global experience. To be able to learn in more than three different continents and three of the world’s best university is unique. To discover three different markets and learn about their insights is even more than valuable."

Eva Laumond is a second-year Global Business track student. This year, she studied at UCLA Extension, in Los Angeles. She shares her experience with us.


EDHEC Global Business students in Los Angeles

Global Business track students in Los Angeles



“Before coming to Los Angeles, I focused on getting my visa and finding accommodation. Except from that, you do not need to prepare much because everything here is well organized.  My advice is to start looking at what UCLA has to offer before arriving on campus so you can be fully ready to jump into this American adventure and not miss any opportunities.

I did not take part in any UCLA student clubs but I went to any movie premiere, campus fair, special events or sports competition I could. I also got involved in EDHEC-organized projects such as the planning of EDHEC RDV 2019. This event, called Today For Tomorrow, gathered EDHEC students and EDHEC Alumni for a night of pitches and networking. We invited guest speakers, and it was an amazing and enriching night.

UCLA’s campus is amazing because there is always something going on but there is a lot to do outside of campus too. Los Angeles is a very interesting place to live in. It is huge and there is always so much going on. I truly fell in love with this place and was able to live the Hollywood life at the fullest. I got involved in local associations such as the Surf Rider Foundation of Los Angeles (see picture below). It operates worldwide and aims to protect the ocean and wildlife. I took part in monthly beach cleaning and meetings. I also attended lots of different events organized by associations, museums, companies such as Levi’s or Google. Moreover, as entertainment is really important here, we had the chance to attend many screenings, movie premiere or show taping. Finally, I had the opportunity to travel a lot in the Bay area, southern California and New York City.


Surf rider foundation Los Angeles UCLA BRUINS EDHEC Global Business track students in Los Angeles


At UCLA Extension, classes are based on the American system and teaching style. We have only a few hours of classes a week but more home-works as well as personal research and readings to do before class. Teachers require a lot of implication from the students during class. As part of the EDHEC partnership, I studied Global Marketing, Business Management, Business policies and Strategy and International Business Law.

We also had the choice from elective classes and I picked Advertising principles, Digital Analytics, Social Media and digital marketing strategy, Global Real Estate Investment and Global business practices in sustainability.

I really enjoyed professor Nance Rosen’s class and learned a lot about marketing. My Digital Analytics class was also very helpful and instructive. Finally, the Global business practices in Sustainability class was dear to me because I believe any business student should learn how to make a positive impact on the environment.


EDHEC Global Business students at UCLA extension EDHEC Global Business students at UCLA extension


Before coming to UCLA Extension, I did a three-month summer internship as a customer happiness officer for Ector in Paris. Ector was launched in 2013 and is now growing all around France and Europe. I have learned so much by working in a small structure that allowed me to discover more about the internal organization of a business and how decisions are made. Finally, as part of the customer service, I learned about how to deal with the most important asset of a company: the client.

This summer, I will move to New York City for an internship at Hermès. I will be part of their Equestrian department and I look forward to my first work experience in the United States.


In January 2020, I will be pursuing the Global Business programme at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I cannot wait to discover the city and the insights of the Asian markets. NTU seems like a pretty exciting and interesting place to study.


As for my professional goals, I am hoping to build a career in digital marketing and technology in the sports or movie entertainment. I will most certainly try to start my career in Silicon Valley. I cannot wait to see where all my different experiences will lead me and how much I can learn from them"


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