"I stepped out of my comfort zone"

Publié le 29 janvier 2019.

Xavier is a third-year student at EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA in the Business Management track with a Finance major. He chose to go on an academic exchange last semester in the prestigious Queen's University in Canada. His goals? Improve his English and enrich his résumé. "This experience has been a real advantage in the pursuit of my studies but also for my professional future."

Xavier learned to adapt to new teaching methods and new cultures. "In a new environment, the capacity of adaptation is key. You have to learn to be flexible. In class, I would have group projects with students coming from Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia and we all had very different working techniques."
Classes focus on Economy and International Commerce. He especially enjoyed his Intercultural Management course where he learned how to manage diversity in tomorrow's companies. "This class taught me to listen, understand, and manage different work methods. This class was really in synch with what we learn at EDHEC Business School." Xavier also insists on the excellent relationships he had with the professors. "They are always available to help."
Finally, Xavier built strong friendships and met many people from different nationalities and coming from the best institutions in the world. They travelled together in Canada and in the U.S. for unforgettable adventures. These friendships helped him boost his oral English and group works improved his written English.

Xavier says this exchange will make the difference on his résumé and start his career abroad. "I stepped out of my comfort zone." 

Next year, for his final year, Xavier plans to choose the Bank Insurance and Wealth Management specialization and hopes to do his final internship in Asia. He would like to continue his studies at EDHEC Business School in a Master of Science in Finance. Ideally, he would like to start his career in North America or Asia.  

Check out Xavier's résumé on LinkedIn.

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