EDHEC-Risk Institute and AFG launch a digital outreach partnership on financial risk management as a source of performance

Publié le 13 septembre 2017.

The French Asset Management Association (Association Française de la Gestion Financière, AFG) and EDHEC-Risk Institute have announced the creation of a new digital outreach initiative entitled “Financial Risk Management as a Source of Performance.”

This partnership will aim to emphasise the importance of financial risk management as a main source of added-value in asset management, and to showcase the expertise of French asset managers in this area through a series of digital outreach projects.

More specifically, the Financial Risk Management as a Source of Performance digital outreach project is designed to provide an international forum for the presentation of technical and conceptual challenges involved in the design of innovative forms of investment solutions, building upon expertise developed within the French investment management industry. The general idea is to combine academic presentations, to set the stage at the conceptual and technical levels, and presentations made by asset managers, who will emphasise how the concepts translate in actual investment implementation.

The academic and professional presentations will first focus on diversification, which represents one of the three main forms of financial risk management alongside hedging and insurance. In this first stage, the presentations will cover the following three main subjects:

  • Harvesting risk premia within asset classes – Smart beta in equity
  • Harvesting risk premia within asset classes – Smart beta in fixed-income
  • Harvesting risk premia across asset classes – Multi-asset products and solutions

Jean-Louis Laurens, Ambassador of the French Asset Management Industry at AFG, said, “AFG is keen to internationally promote the know-how and expertise of French asset managers. Factor investing is typically an area where the French asset management industry is at the forefront of research and innovation. EDHEC-Risk Institute is the ideal partner for us, as an internationally recognised academic research centre and a main contributor to the “thought leadership” in financial risk management that France has achieved.”

Professor Lionel Martellini, Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute, said, “French asset management companies have a strong reputation for their technical expertise in the domain of factor investing in equity, fixed-income and multi-asset products and solutions. EDHEC-Risk Institute is very much looking forward to partnering with them with the support of AFG in an effort to showcase the importance of sound financial risk management techniques for a more efficient harvesting of risk premia across and within asset classes.”

Contact: Maud Gauchon, Communication Manager, EDHEC-Risk Institute


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