PROMO 2020 : International Edhec Start-up Challenge

Publié le 27 janvier 2020.

The Start-Up Challenge is a programme designed for Pre-Master’s and Master’s 1 students wanting to put a concrete business idea into action. Projects from each year (Pre-Master’s and Master’s 1) have be selected to take part in a competition, with the best projects going through to the final at Station F in May 2020. Students receive individual coaching, attend masterclasses and participate in collaborative workshops, as well as a national competition.

The winners of Start-up Challenge Competition will be chosen by a jury of investors, EDHEC alumni and partners.

The Start-Up Challenge is a great opportunity to embark on a truly entrepreneurial adventure, test your ideas and surpass your own expectations, all while pursuing your studies.

Promo 2020 : 35 students from all over the world joined Edhec Start-up challenge : Spain, China, India, Hong Kong, Italia, Mongolia, France, ...




Who are you ?
Our names are Anmol, Alvaro and Ignacio. We all study the Master in Management program at EDHEC.

Tell me more about your entrepreneurial spirit ?
We all have in common the idea of depending on ourselves in a future, added to having our own firm.

What about you start-up idea ?
The business model basically offers package transport between individuals, at a lower cost, with the possibility of earning some money in the meantime. The name of our future start-up is MAILINK.

Do you already have positive points, positive feedbacks or commitments ?
After running a big survey back in Spain, we saw that almost everyone who tries to send a package is not conform with the costs of it.
Various coordinators at EDHEC gave us their approval and we are currently working on the first steps.

Tell me more about your team ?
We all come from different backgrounds. Anmol, from India, has an engineering background, Alvaro from Spain, has an economic one, and Ignacio also from Spain, can offer a business background. We all have been traveling and living in various countries, a fact that gave us a ver open mindset.

How “start-up challenge program” will help you to do it ?
We hope this program can give us the resources and feedback we need to start implementing it as soon as possible.

What are your next steps ?
We are already contacting some start ups in Lille which had to deal with insurance issues, as well as creating a Facebook group as a starting platform for travellers around

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