[LegalEDHEC webinar] Tax creativity: Should data be taxed?

Emmanuelle Deglaire, Associate Professor of Tax and Researcher at the LegalEDHEC research centre, EDHEC Business School invite you to join her for a webinar entitled "Tax creativity: Should data be taxed?" on Thursday, 4 June, 2020 at 1.00 pm ( Paris Time) 


Almost one century ago, when petrol become key for businesses, dedicated taxes have flourished in most countries in the world. Now that data drive businesses, is a new kind of tax to be anticipated?

This webinar is an invitation to a journey starting from the genesis of a tax through economic behaviour to try and anticipate its possible long term impact, focusing on the businesses’ point of view, the States’ budget and the wellbeing of society.

- What are the current trends?

- Is there a need a for such a tax?

- Are there good reasons not to implement such a tax?

- What could be the characteristics of the tax?

This webinar will be part of the LegalEDHEC webinar series dedicated to law transformations at the digital age.

The number of participants is limited to ease the interaction during the webinar.