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"Être là où on ne l’attend pas"
est l’une des marques de fabrique d'EDHEC Business School.

Avec OTHERWISE, le premier magazine sur les entreprises et l’économie internationales vue par une business school française,
EDHEC affirme sa mission : transmettre des savoirs et permettre le débat public pour être utile à l’économie.

OTHERWISE est à l’image des décideurs de demain,
ceux formés par l’EDHEC, de nouveaux leaders animés par la force du collectif et l’audace, capables de façonner et (re)créer l’entreprise.

Goal-based investing may (and should!) radically change the wealth-management industry. Catch up with Professor Martellini, EDHEC-Risk Institute Director and Professor Mulvey from Princeton University.    How would you define goal-based investing, and what exactly makes it a new approach...

France is the European country that has seen the most dramatic increases in real estate prices: up 71.5% since 1990 Interest-free housing loans (known in France by their acronym PTZ, for prêts à taux zéro) are part of a long tradition of French government subsidies designed to ease the burden for...

Investment is the magic growth pill sought by countless start-ups. But in order to raise funds, how do you conjure up a credible valuation when, by definition, a start-up still has almost everything to prove? EDHEC Professor of Finance and Accounting, Philippe Foulquier regularly preps his...

Much more than a ranking, a leading institution Standing up to the rankings is a noble cause, and EDHEC Business School knew it would need more than words to do so. So the business school rolled up its collective sleeves and, in 2001, founded the research centre EDHEC Risk Institute (aka ERI). ERI...

EYE, EDHEC’s incubator, gave as a work space and access to experts who challenged us in constructive ways to helped us refine our idea,” EDHEC entrepreneurs, co-founders of Canard Street.  Co-founders Nicolas Drouault (EDHEC Master in Management, 2016) and Grégoire de Scorbiac (EDHEC MSc in...

Lemon Tri: The EDHEC start-up that aims to improve recycling through rewards and incentives France is one of the largest producers and consumers of bottled water in the world. Yet only one in two bottles gets recycled, or one in five in major cities. Most French people are in the habit of recycling...

Where did your paths first cross? Christian: Philippe graduated from EDHEC in 2003, and I was class of 1993. We met while working at the same company in 2010. The EDHEC connection was a great icebreaker. We bonded right away. How did ManoMano get started? Philippe: We both knew we weren’t cut out...

This article was published in Otherwise #5. Find the full version here>> Supporting start-up incubators for young entrepreneurs. What better way to prepare students to make a real-world impact?  “Transform our country, shake it up, change it. It is your responsibility as much as mine.”...


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