Solvency II: An Internal Opportunity to Manage the Performance of Insurance Companies

All insurers, regardless of their characteristics (public companies, mutual insurers, provident societies) will be subject to the new prudential rules and will thus have to make heavy investments in the data collection, risk measurement, and simulations required by the supervisor.

Auteur(s) :

Philippe Foulquier

Directeur de l'EDHEC Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre

The objective of our study is to show how, by having these investments respond to objectives more inherent to the company, these Solvency II constraints can be capitalised on. With a fictitious company, we build a management tool for an insurance company subject to Solvency II constraints. We then highlight the contributions this tool makes to the perfecting of the strategy of the company, in particular for the definition of policy for asset allocation, management of capital, asset/liability management, hedging of risks, and the launch of new products. At the heart of this model is value creation for shareholders or mutual members.

Type : Publication EDHEC
Date : le 19/10/2009
Pôle de recherche EDHEC Value Creation Chair

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