Being an EDHEC student

All EDHEC students are supported in bringing their professional plans and projects to fruition.

Being a student at EDHEC means having the chance to grow on one of the School’s five campuses, centres of life buzzing with creativity and energy where people meet and exchange. An effervescent environment that enables all students to enrich themselves through the experience of others, familiarise themselves with new business practices – particularly regarding entrepreneurship – and open themselves to new academic horizons, by acquiring both business skills and a multitude of other forms of knowledge.


An augmented learning experience that sees students flourish in an authentic and positive environment where everyone is supported in bringing their plans and projects to fruition. 




We develop a collaborative approach with our students throughout the time they spend with us, both from an academic standpoint and in terms of social and student association activities. Our role is to offer each one a fluid and seamless experience, underpinned by a personalised learning framework designed to allow them to focus on what matters: their personal and professional development.

Anne Zuccarelli

Anne Zuccarelli

Associate Dean, Chief Educational Experience & Operations Officer