At EDHEC, our mission in life is to make a positive impact on the world. Our strategic plan, activities and initiatives are all infused with the same ambition, to positively transform business and the world in which we live.

THE EDHEC MINDSET: Empower to transform


Our strategic plan, activities and initiatives are all infused with the same ambition, to positively transform business and the world in which we live.

A business school devoted to future generations

EDHEC Business School is one of the top four business schools in France. Operating as a not-for-profit association, EDHEC is classified as a private higher education institution with a public interest mission.

Founded in Lille in 1906 by entrepreneurs attached to humanist values, the School maintains privileged relations with the business world and dispenses education based on innovative teaching methods and the academic excellence of its professors. With its unique model and pioneering approach to entrepreneurship, the school provides managers with the skills and tools they need to make the most of the business world. EDHEC also encourages open-mindedness and agility in its students, so that they can support the emergence of new business models, in line with major contemporary issues: planetary limits, social utility and attention to the common good. EDHEC stands out today as an internationally-renowned higher education institution featuring among the top 10 management schools in Europe.


foreign students

(110 nationalities)

Professors and researchers

alumni in 140 countries


Group of students on the EDHEC Nice campus



Students, professors, researchers, alumni, partners, recruiters… EDHEC is a worldwide community with a mission that drives it forward day after day, namely to act together for the benefit of future generations. Focused on this objective, we cultivate agility and creativity, in order to re-invent business.



As an independent higher education institution operating in the public interest under a not-for-profit status, EDHEC has developed a system of governance open to the world and its ecosystem.  Alumni, companies and international and domestic partners are therefore represented in our organisation and all combine to give EDHEC a unique vision.

Group of students working
Lionel Martellini, Professor of Finance



At EDHEC, innovation drives an ambitious objective, namely to transform the student experience into a journey of excellence. In addition to offering a fresh vision of the world, EDHEC wants to propel innovative strategies and practices that are tuned to tomorrow’s major challenges, be they human, societal, environmental or climate-related. 

Five campuses as hubs of student life

EDHEC has made its physical campuses virtual hubs buzzing with creativity where people meet and exchange. Located in five varied cities (Lille, Paris, London, Nice, Singapore), each one of these centres of life – five student campuses and two campuses fully devoted to entrepreneurship and housing the School’s incubator – becomes a second home for future students and a vector for all EDHEC has to offer.