Management in Innovative Health Chair

Bristol Myers Squibb and EDHEC have announced the signing of a long-term partnership in the course of 2022 to help accelerate innovation in the field of e-health. The highlight of this collaboration is the creation of a joint research chair "Management in Innovative Health", mobilising their knowledge and expertise to better understand the consequences of the digital revolution on the healthcare ecosystem and to advance e-health for the benefit of patients.

« The world of connected medicine is becoming essential, in connection with the development and democratisation of digital technology. Although this transformation of the medical sphere may raise a certain number of questions on the ethical level, it is interesting to look at the questions relating to the use and adoption of these technologies by all the stakeholders in care and, more precisely, by patients. Beyond these aspects, it is a question of studying the mutation of the field of health and the new challenges that will result from it. This personalised, precision and participatory medicine opens up an extremely rich field of possibilities, reconfiguring new power relationships in the field of health ».

Loick Menvielle, Chair Director, Professor of Marketing at EDHEC

Loick Menvielle



Active in the field of health teaching and research, EDHEC Business School has chosen to change scale and accelerate its commitment to connected health by joining forces with Bristol Myers Squibb, one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies. Since its creation, the company has been at the forefront of scientific and therapeutic progress, mainly in serious diseases such as cancer, and is committed to a global approach focused on the patient's care pathway. For EDHEC, this collaboration resonates with the priorities of its 2025 plan and illustrates its "Research for Business and Society" approach, which encourages cross-fertilisation between scientific research and the industrial world.

  • July 2022 - To download the press release (in French) announcing the creation of this Chair, follow this link



The "Management in Innovative Health" chair is structured around three major axes: research, teaching and dissemination of acquired knowledge. The chair capitalizes on the synergies between EDHEC's professor-researchers and Bristol Myers Squibb's ecosystem of experts and patient communities. The central objective is to advance knowledge and practices in terms of the impact of digital technology on healthcare provision, the emergence of e-health and the use of connected health devices.


From the autumn of 2022, the Chair publishes its biannual EDHEC-Bristol Myers Squibb barometer by Ipsos on "the adoption of connected health tools by patients", aimed at providing healthcare stakeholders with new data on the changing behaviour of the French with regard to digital health solutions, with a particular focus on the use of AI and data.



30 January 2023 - As part of the Management in Innovative Health chair, Bristol Myers Squibb and EDHEC Business School have commissioned the Ipsos polling company to carry out a survey on the French people's perception of connected health. The first wave, carried out in November 2022 among 1,000 people aged 18 to 74, revealed new analyses in terms of information, education and reassurance regarding the use of connected health.




One of the key aspects of this collaboration is the training of students and the development of skills in the field of health management. Thanks to the support and expertise of the Bristol Myers Squibb teams, EDHEC will offer a series of educational modules dedicated to health issues from the start of the 2022 academic year (Executive Education and then initial training).


In keeping with its "learning by doing" approach, the school will also offer its students courses, consulting projects and business cases based on issues specific to the sector. For example, Global MBA students will be asked to develop marketing strategies in the health sector or to propose innovative approaches to developing value for patients. For their part, EDHEC students in initial training will take part in an immersive challenge "#ExploreForCancer" devised by Bristol Myers Squibb to showcase the progress already made thanks to immunotherapy and to support French public research in the field of cancer.



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