Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at EDHEC Business School


EDHEC works to promote diversity an inclusion through numerous specific programmes in association with the School’s teaching and research activities, its Foundation, networks and collectives. Historic commitments for some and new combats for others that reflect the major causes of our time.

Out in the field, these various actions are geared to reinforcing social integration, male-female equality, female empowerment, respect for gender, the acceptance of handicap, and the fight against harassment and discrimination.

Whether you are a future or existing student, alumnus or partner, find out about the actions of our community, the work of our chairs and our classes and programmes in favour of diversity and inclusion.


A student community in action


The EDHEC student community works pro-actively to promote diversity and inclusion. It also strives to ensure project development, entrepreneurship, finance, leadership and more offer similar opportunities for women and men. Almost 98% of students on EDHEC’s Master in Management belong to an association. A large number of these associations are engaged in favour of inclusion, equality and diversity. And to make sure these subjects remain a priority for all on a day-to-day basis, various special initiatives are organised on our campuses throughout the year.

Student associations like Inspiring Women, Women in Finance and HEqualiSHE operate all-year round to help students overcome obstacles and act for diversity.

All EDHEC association presidents signed the charter of engagement for student responsibility in the fight against sexism and discrimination.


Changing perceptions through research


Recognising that research is essential for moving towards a fairer society, EDHEC Business School’s research activities have been working for more than 10 years to provide insight into societal change and change perceptions within companies and during recruitment processes. 

Testifying to its openness to all fields of knowledge and as early as 2016, EDHEC created the Diversity and Inclusion Chair devoted to diversity, inclusion and equality within companies, while the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre endeavours to ensure that career choices are no longer influenced by gender.





Dedicated classes and programmes to raise awareness among students


Right from their first year at the School, EDHEC students are confronted with questions related to diversity and inclusion through dedicated classes integrated into our programmes.
These initiatives do not just work on raising awareness, but also give each individual the knowledge and practical tools to function in both their career and personal life in a way that leads to a more inclusive environment.