L'Oréal Brandstorm Challenge
17.07.2024 - Master
L’Oréal Brandstorm Challenge: EDHEC Team Triumphs to First Place
Congratulations to the EDHEC team for winning first place in the L’Oréal Brandstorm Challenge with their innovative solution, PROtect.   
EDHEC’s “Creativity Seminar” celebrates its 10th anniversary
04.07.2024 - EDHEC
EDHEC’s “Creativity Seminar” celebrates its 10th anniversary
For the past 10 years, Professor Isabelle Sequeira, Deputy Head of Management & Humanities, and Director of the MSc in Creative Business and…
03.07.2024 - EDHEC
“I help students by listening and providing my expertise on the professional world”. Bérangère Deregnaucourt, Career Advisor at EDHEC
[Job mode 2/2] In this series of interviews, EDHEC Business School’s career advisors explain their role and how the School helps students put…
03.07.2024 - EDHEC
“My role is to ensure students’ career choices match their values and interests, and respond to market requirements” Ruxandra Tosun, Finance Career Advisor, EDHEC Career Centre
[Job mode 1/2] In this series of interviews, EDHEC Business School’s career advisors explain their role and how the School helps students put…
Sofia Kong Pizarro - MSc in marketing management
25.06.2024 - Master
How EDHEC Supports and Integrates International Students: Sofia’s Journey
France has always been a sought-after destination for higher education. Its globally renowned business schools, rich culture, and diverse student…
14.06.2024 - EDHEC
Financial Times 2024 World Ranking of master’s in finance: EDHEC moves up 3 places to 6th in the world
EDHEC has confirmed its leading position in international finance education. It is ranked 6th worldwide in the Financial Times 2024 master’s in…
« Générations 2050 » : l’EDHEC lance son nouveau plan stratégique 2024-2028
13.06.2024 - EDHEC
"Generations 2050": EDHEC launches its new strategic plan 2024-2028
On June 13, 2024, EDHEC Business School launched "Generations 2050", its new 2024-2028 strategic plan.
Rentrée 2024 : 22 nouveaux professeurs rejoindront l’EDHEC Business School
27.05.2024 - EDHEC
22 new professors to join EDHEC Business School at the start of the 2024 academic year
The pace set by EDHEC's ambitious 2020-2025 strategic plan has been maintained: 22 new professors, in addition to the more than 25 already recruited…
Guergana Guintcheva - Master Business Management Programme Director
28.03.2024 - Master
Exploring EDHEC’s Master in Management, Business Management track
Seeking a career in Business Management? Choosing the right academic path is crucial. EDHEC's Master in Management - Business Management track,…
Sofia Kong Pizzaro - MSc in marketing management
20.03.2024 - Master
Why EDHEC’s top ranked Master in Marketing Management is a crucial asset in the job market: Meet a student
In a world where marketing skills are increasingly valued, Sofia’s decision to pursue EDHEC’s Master in Marketing Management offers insights into the…