Bernard Lebelle - CEO The Green Link - Master in Sustainable Business
28.09.2023 - Master
Tackling automotive sustainability to make an impact!
CEO of The Green Link, Bernard Lebelle graduated from EDHEC Business School in 1994. This semester, he has the pleasure to come back as a professor…
(EDHEC) Nominations, nouveaux professeurs, ouvertures de postes… : quelles nouveautés en cette rentrée 2023 ?
26.09.2023 - EDHEC
Appointments, new teachers, new positions... what's new for the start of the 2023 academic year?
The start of the 2023 academic year is an opportunity for students to focus once again on the challenges facing society and technology, while for…
21.09.2023 - EDHEC
New academic year 2023: understanding societal and technological challenges
At the start of every academic year, EDHEC Business School organises conferences, round tables and competitions for all of its programmes. The goal…
11.09.2023 - EDHEC
Financial Times Master in Management 2023 rankings: EDHEC has moved up one place to 11th in the world
The Financial Times has just published its 2023 global Masters in Management rankings. EDHEC has moved up one place to 11th in the world. In July,…
01.09.2023 - EDHEC
« The Future of Finance »: discover the speakers of the third season
Early 2022, the EDHEC Business School launched a new online monthly speaker series to address the most recent advances in the financial industry and…
29.08.2023 - EDHEC
Committed to sport and a student association: Alexandre Marchegay, Director of the Raid EDHEC trail run
Tales of sport: a series of testimonies in which EDHEC students – high-level athletes or those engaged in competitive sport – share their passion for…
Jade et Yasmine Clercin
10.08.2023 - EDHEC BBA
Jade and Yasmine Clercin: from EDHEC International BBA to the EDHEC MSc in Marketing, a successful study path
Jade and Yasmine Clercin joined the International EDHEC BBA in 2018. Extremely close, the twins are pursuing their studies with an MSc, one in…
Quels articles EDHEC Vox ont été publiés durant le 2e trimestre 2023 ?
20.07.2023 - EDHEC
Which EDHEC Vox articles were published in the 2nd quarter of 2023?
Climate finance, artificial intelligence, banking scandals, transfer of SMEs... in the last few weeks, EDHEC professors have taken a stand on (very)…
05.07.2023 - Master
Meet a student: EDHEC’s MSc in Accounting & Finance, a very intensive programme
Sihan Wang joined EDHEC's Master of Science in Accounting & Finance in 2022 and won the newly launched "Future Chinese Alumni High Impact…
27.06.2023 - Master
Meet an Alumna: "EDHEC's diploma is increasingly recognised by HR and colleagues"
Yan Qiao joined EDHEC's Master in Management, Finance Track in 2010, and chose Master of Science in Financial Engineering as a specialisation in the…