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EDHEC has stood out for over 100 years for its desire to contribute positively to the transformation of the world, by training insightful leaders capable of introducing new practices to business. Today, this acculturation is founded on the transmission of knowledge in fast-changing fields like law, sustainable finance and entrepreneurship. EDHEC’s aim of opening up new horizons is also visible in the School’s international dimension, which is the common point of all EDHEC programmes  and cemented by the many prestigious alliances signed with partner universities and professional organisations around the world.

Advisory room on the EDHEC Paris campus

About us


EDHEC Business School was founded in Lille in 1906 by industrialists with humanist values. Operating as a higher education institution with a not-for-profit status, EDHEC is administered by various governance bodies intent on preserving our identity and ensuring our prosperity.


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Jean Arnault Campus



Since its foundation by industrialists in northern France in 1906, EDHEC has trained generations of agile and creative entrepreneurs and managers with the desire to think outside the box. True to the humanist vision of its founders, EDHEC set up the Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship in 2022, in order to make a positive impact on society, the economy and the places where people live.


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EDHEC Nice campus



EDHEC wants the whole of the School’s community to be open to the world and has consequently forged a rich portfolio of partnerships with prestigious universities and schools around the globe.


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The EDHEC Community

Professors and researchers, students, alumni, partners, institutions ... all of EDHEC's communities support the School in achieving its goals of making useful contributions to society and inspiring societal change, training students and graduates keen to actively engage with the major transformations affecting the world, and producing research with a marked impact on industry and capable of changing the business world.


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Students on the Paris campus

The EDHEC Foundation


EDHEC Giving, the EDHEC Business School Foundation, provides financial assistance to students who need it to continue their studies. It also plays a part in developing the School by funding research of practical use for society and business or high-impact initiatives focused on areas like entrepreneurship.


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EDHEC Lille campus

EDHEC is recruiting 

To support the development of EDHEC's activities, we are recruiting staff for all our campuses (Lille, Nice, Paris, London, Singapore). The School's objective is to attract talented people with the experience, knowledge and curiosity to help EDHEC grow. EDHEC values people who are open to the world and sensitive to the taste for enterprise and innovation.


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06.12.2023 - 07.12.2023 - EDHECinfra | Conferences / Masterclass | Face-to-face
133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London EC3A 7BX
United Kingdom
08.12.2023 - Open days | Face-to-face


05.12.2023 - EDHEC
6 December: listen to Hager Jemel-Fornetty (EDHEC) at the conference "Les inégalités de représentation à l’écran"
Hager Jemel-Fornetty, Associate Professor at EDHEC and Director of the Diversity…
04.12.2023 - EDHEC
EDHEC infra days 2023 - The Imperative of Risk Management
On December 6 and 7 2023, the EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research…
29.11.2023 - EDHEC
A campaign to promote the French preparatory classes
A communication campaign was launched at the end of November by the CDEFM to hig…