PhD – Faculty Research Expertise

The EDHEC PhD in Finance programme faculty is an exceptional team of international scholars who hold prestigious qualifications, distinctions and appointments. More importantly, faculty members have been making significant contributions to the field of financial economics, furthering theory and impacting practices through research, consulting, and executive education.



Programme faculty consists of world-class specialists in finance, asset management, and economic and financial modelling. It brings together EDHEC Business School’s senior economics and finance scholars, and affiliate professors from top research institutions around the world such as Chicago Booth, Columbia, Duke, Imperial College, Princeton, Wharton or Yale University. 

Faculty has an outstanding track record of publications in and editing for the most respected journals in financial economics, a rich experience of research supervision and executive education, and a history of senior-level engagements with private and public sector organisations.






25.07.2024 - EDHEC
"Supporting Yslem for a year has been very rewarding, and this long commitment has enabled us to build a relationship of trust." Alexandre Debeaudoin, tutor on the EDHEC Talents lycées programme
Tutors’ tales: a series of testimonies in which EDHEC Business School students share their experience of providing support through the EDHEC Talents equal opportunities programme.  
24.07.2024 - Entrepreneurs
Champions journey - The combative entrepreneur
Graduating from ISEG Bordeaux, Aurélien Gabdou Baroa's journey began on the basketball court. His passion for the sport never wavered, leading him to found Ball’N Connect in 2020, a startup nurtured by the EDHEC Entrepreneurs incubator network.…