EDHEC Giving: The EDHEC Foundation

EDHEC Giving supports EDHEC’s social diversity objectives and the School’s development strategy.

Independence is one of EDHEC’s key features, with 96% of the School’s budget funded by tuition fees and corporate partners.
EDHEC Giving, the EDHEC Business School Foundation, was founded in 1998. It plays an active part in developing the School by providing financial assistance to students and to high-impact projects focused on areas like entrepreneurship, research, and the social and societal commitment of businesses.

By giving to EDHEC, donors have enabled the School to:


  • Increase the size of bursaries and the number of students benefiting from them. In line with EDHEC’s strategic plan and one of its key objectives of enhancing social diversity, the Foundation provides financial assistance to students who need it to continue their studies at the School or to further the policy of diversifying the social profile of students,
  • Provide financial support for EDHEC students and graduates working on their startup projects in one of EDHEC’s incubators,  
  • Improve the student experience, thanks to the roll-out of new “class rooms of the future”,  
  • Make an impact on the business world and more broadly on society, by funding  innovative and practical research and notably the creation of the Management in Innovative Health Chair.

All stakeholders – former students, parents, friends, corporate partners and others - have a decisive role to play in these initiatives, whether aimed at enhancing the diversity of student profiles, stimulating entrepreneurship or fostering an augmented student experience.

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