EDHEC Rankings

EDHEC holds a leading position in national and international rankings.

EDHEC ranks among the top business schools in France and internationally for all its training programmes: Undergraduate (EDHEC International BBA), Master in Management, MScs and Executive Education (Global MBA, Executive MBA and executive training).

EDHEC asserts its success on a consistent basis: in its latest ranking, the Financial Times placed EDHEC among the top 10 in its European Business Schools ranking for the fourth consecutive year. These results lend weight to the School’s strategic model and its focus on training talented managers of tomorrow capable of making a positive impact on business and society.

Main rankings

Accreditations: national and international recognition


EDHEC acted as a pilot institution in terms of evaluation processes 20 years ago and was one of the first French business schools to receive accreditations. 

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As hallmarks of academic excellence and recognition from the higher education world, accreditations are a means for business schools to be evaluated by high-level peers, such as France’s Ministry for Higher Education and Research or the country’s CEFDG management degrees and training evaluation committee.


Certification visas and/or grades are granted subject to a set of demanding criteria, including the intellectual output and contributions of the school’s teaching & research faculty and the employability of its graduates. Based on the quality and excellence of our programmes, EDHEC’s degrees are accredited by France’s Ministry for Higher Education and Research:


  • International BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration): Visa 4-Year Higher Education Level and Bachelor Grade,
  • Master in Management : Visa 5-Year Higher Education Level and Master Grade,
  • MSc in Finance – all programmes: Visa 5-Year Higher Education Level and Master Grade,
  • MSc in Business Management – all programmes: Visa 5-Year Higher Education Level and Master Grade,
  • GMBA (Global MBA): Visa 5-Year Higher Education Level and Master Grade,
  • EMBA (Executive MBA): Visa 5-Year Higher Education Level and Master Grade.

All these evaluation processes enable EDHEC to develop and improve, take objective stock of what we do and ensure the educational standards we demand are reflected in practice. 


EDHEC is also a member of the select category of business schools worldwide (fewer than 1%) to be triple-accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.


AACSB brings together management education professionals at the highest level. 
After a lengthy evaluation process, it accredits institutions whose training satisfies a demanding set of evaluation criteria: stringent student recruitment process, high academic-level professors, student evaluation process and teaching methods used, etc.  
EDHEC obtained AACSB accreditation in March 2004.


AMBA accreditation is a hallmark of quality and international recognition for MBAs. AMBA seeks to maintain and improve standards for both full-time and part-time MBA-type programmes. The association assesses the organising institution, the content and timing of programmes, the quality of the teaching faculty, the curricula followed by students, follow-up services to graduates, and their skills and post-programme value on the market. EDHEC has held this accreditation since 2003 for all its MBAs and its Executive MBA.


The EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation system is integral to business and management schools. Run by the Brussels-based European Foundation for Management Development, it aims to promote academic excellence, educational innovation, close relations between schools and businesses, and internationalisation.
EDHEC Business School’s accreditation by EQUIS was renewed for five years in October 2020. The School has held this recognition for over 20 years, with renewals always obtained for the maximum period.