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The EDHEC Master in Management is a top-ranked, two-year academic programme designed for students seeking to increase their general management skills. Also known as the Grande Ecole programme, it awards you a double degree: a Master in Management and Master of Science. After the first year of your master’s degree, you can gain a full year’s professional experience or undertake an internship and a six-month exchange at a partner university, before completing the second year of your master’s programme.
Our Master of Science degrees are specialised programmes targeted at students who wish to acquire new knowledge in a specific field or further strengthen their existing expertise. If you are a student on the Master in Management programme, you can also earn a Master of Science degree in the second year of your programme, when you choose your specialisation.


MiM or MSc? Which Master’s Programme is right for you?


[Music] Title: “MiM or MSc”?


Speaker: Lina Antelmann, MiM student.


Hi, my name is Lina Antelmann. I'm 24 years old and I am from Germany. 


Speaker: Shraman Biswas, MSc student.


Bonjour, I'm Shraman Biwas and I'm from India


Chapter : My career aspirations
So prior to EDHEC, I did my Bachelor of Business Administration in Germany as part of a dual study programme. Which means I worked at a large corporation at the same time as I studied, and I decided to do the MiM (Master in Management) because for me, it was the best combination for both theoretical and practical experiences, and it allows you to first build this foundation, the general foundation, the first year. And the third year, I really have the ability to set the focus and really specialise on a topic. I have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Delhi Technological University, India.


Before joining the Master of Science programme at EDHEC, I was part of the start-up ecosystem in India, working as a Marketing Analyst. After working for two and half years, I was ready to join a Business School to sharpen my skills and to propel my career to the next level.
As an early career professional, it made perfect sense to join the MSc programme at EDHEC as it was a specialised programme with the duration of just one (academic) year.


What is most important to me personally, is to find a job where I can drive change actively, and where I can have an impact.There are so many challenges out there right now, in sustainability, poverty, equality, digital transformation...
Our generation probably has so many opportunities to actively have an impact and solve that. This is really something I want to focus on in my career


For example, by becoming a Business Consultant after my time at EDHEC. 


Since I love numbers and have a creative approach to solving problems. I would love to work as a Digital Marketing Manager or a Product Manager at one of the biggest Tech firms or start-ups in Europe.


Chapter: My advice to candidates.
Thinking of myself in your position about one and a half year ago. The biggest advice, 
that I would give you, is to take the time to figure out what it is you want to do. Second, I would say be open. Because it is good to have a plan, and I also really like to have a plan, but I also learned that sometimes things happen that are not according to your plan and sometimes it is great.
And in line with this, as my last advice, I would say, embrace being uncomfortable.
Firstly, decide on a specialisation. Figure out what you are passionate about. Is it Marketing? Finance? Or Entrepreneurship?
Having the right kind of motivation will surely help you make the most of the programme.


Secondly, do a total research on all the programmes. Look at the kind of courses EDHEC offers, connect with the professors, students and Alumni on Linkedin, and speak to them to know more about the EDHEC Master's experience and opportunities after that. Lastly, think how the MSc Programme ties in with your career objectives?
How does the knowledge you acquire throughout the programme helps you in getting your dream job or the dream company you want to work in?


I wish you a lot of luck. Fingers crossed, I'm sure you are going to find the right programme for you, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing you at EDHEC Business School.

The Master in Management, Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) is a programme comprising two years of academic studies and one year of professional immersion or work experience. Studying in three prestigious institutions in Paris, Seoul and Berkeley, California, you will acquire the managerial talents sought by companies wanting to meet the needs of sustainable development and the challenges of disruptive change caused by advances in information and technology.

There are multiple career paths you can follow with a Master in Management, Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT). You could start your own company, or become a sales strategist, operations analyst, digital strategy and data analyst, consultant, tech M&A analyst, private equity analyst, product manager, sustainability architect, investment banking analyst or venture capital analyst, for example.

The EDHEC MSc in Management & Leadership will prepare you for a career in people management. It will teach you the comprehensive principles of management and hone your leadership of people and projects, enabling you to transition to a managerial position. You will discover how to be an effective, reflexive manager/leader who considers how to relate to others and how your actions impact others and the wider business ecosystem.

You can pursue any number of career paths with an EDHEC MSc in Marketing Management, for example, as a marketing manager, media planner, product manager, copywriter, web marketer, growth hacker, CRM manager, community manager, digital marketer, acquisitions manager, or brand manager. The role of marketing changes with trends in consumption, production, and business, demanding flexibility and agility from those who practise it.

EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management is a top-ranked programme for graduates and professionals seeking to gain global work experience or embark on a career in marketing management. The master’s programme will equip you with advanced knowledge of the marketing discipline and give you the chance of supervising real-life projects in close cooperation with global companies. You will also get to choose between a specialisation in luxury & fashion or entertainment & services.

Yes, indeed. QS ranked the MSc in Marketing Management among the Top 10 Masters in Marketing Worldwide in 2022.

The MSc in Financial Engineering provides you with in-depth knowledge of the main concepts of finance as they relate to stocks, bonds, derivatives and alternative investments, as well as the analytical tools used in the financial industry. You will learn the fundamentals of risk management and master how to structure, price and risk-manage financial instruments.

EDHEC’s MSc in Financial Engineering is an advanced programme designed to set you apart in the jobs market. It is best suited to those with a background in finance and/or a degree in a numerate discipline.

EDHEC’s MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence will equip you with invaluable data-science knowledge that will put you at the heart of business decisions. The many potential career paths you can pursue include business intelligence, data and knowledge engineering, numerical analysis, data science management, logistics chain analysis, digital innovation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

You can pursue a range of different professions with a master’s degree in creative business and social innovation, from talent management in the entertainment industry to fundraising, lobbying or organisational management in the humanitarian sector. EDHEC’s MSc in Creative Business and Social Innovation gives you the knowledge and skills you need for a successful business management career in the arts, culture, technology or humanitarian sector.


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