EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre

The EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre is EDHEC Business School's centre of expertise on the career aspirations, behaviours and skills of new generations of talent.


« As a visionary, EDHEC created the NewGen Talent Centre in 2013 based on the conviction of the positive impact of new generations on the transformations of the world. Nothing is more true or relevant today! Combining societal and entrepreneurial fibre, this generation of graduates is redefining commitment through alignment with values, a sense of community and contribution to society. For these young people, their job must have a socially useful impact. A career means participating in a collective adventure that is meaningful. The challenge for tomorrow's management will therefore be to cultivate the commitment of employees around shared values and objectives. »

Manuelle Malot, Director of the centre



In order to better understand and analyse the aspirations, skills and behaviours of the younger generation, the NewGen Talent Centre draws on its 20 years of expertise and its network of partners to address the issues of attraction, retention and commitment of companies.

The Centre produces quantitative and qualitative studies, publishes studies and intervenes in the media. It also acts as an observatory within EDHEC and manages the website graduate-programmes.com.


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