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“The war of talents”, “the great resignation” or even “the future of work”: expressions that we now hear everywhere. We have read reports, research, studies on the difficulties of recruitment in many sectors and on the gap between the aspirations of young graduates and the offers of employers.

It is more important than ever for our Careers & Employer Engagement team to stay close to you, our partners, and our students.

It is not necessarily a question of doing more (although we adapt our service offer each year to the needs of the market), but of constantly seeking to do better. Better understand your needs, your challenges, your talent strategy... Better communicate with you on what our students want, how they want it... In short, become your main source of talent and make them the future actors of your business growth.

Maria-Fernanda Diaz-Cascallar

Careers and Employer Engagement Manager

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Recruit and Build your Employer Brand

Boost your employer brand and detect your future talents.
All meetings are an opportunity to promote the specificities of your employer brand and identify your future employees.


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Benefit from privileged access to our dedicated resources and personalized support to recruit your future talents.


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Bannière NewGen Talent Centre

Understanding and Retaining NewGen

The NewGen Talent Centre is the centre of expertise on the career aspirations, behaviours and skills of new generations of talent.


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