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Unlock the power of data and artificial intelligence to tackle new challenges and become a key asset in strategic decision-making.

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Two-year academic programme plus one year of professional immersion

Start date

Early September 2024


Application deadline

June 23, 2024

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The MiM – Data Science & AI for Business takes place in campus Nice. The campus, which is conveniently located close to the city centre and the airport, is fully equipped with all the resources that encourage outstanding learning and optimal personal development.



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The Master in Management Data Science & AI for Business is a two-year programme that teaches how to use AI and data science in business. This is a growing sector and IT, coding, database management, statistical model development or machine learning are key skills to start a successful career.

Practice is the best way to learn a job. That is why our MiM includes a full year of professional immersion to learn by doing with real cases. This formative year will help you gain experience and actually try out your future job.

Data science is a discipline that combines mathematics, programming, AI and machine learning to analyse data and make decisions based on analysis. Nowadays, companies collect a lot of data about their customers, their sales, the market, etc. Making sense out of such a large amount of data requires advanced skills. This is why data scientists are so important. They can use the data to identify patterns or even predict future trends.

Data science is a game changer for business operations. Thorough analysis can provide many insights that have a strong impact on business decisions. This data-driven decision-making process improves performance and reduces risk. For example, companies can use data science to identify inefficient processes and improve them, or use predictive analytics to forecast future demand and adjust inventory levels. There are countless ways in which data science can help businesses.

There is a strong demand for data science professionals. The technology is evolving and many companies are looking for specialists who can help them improve their efficiency through data. Pursuing a MiM in Management in Data Science & AI for Business is one of the best ways to start an exciting career.

With a Master in Management – Data Science & AI for Business degree, you can pursue a range of diverse career in international business. It serves as a springboard for new careers linked to the technological revolution and the emergence of generative artificial intelligence in finance and management, such as, quantitative analyst, business intelligence analyst, data & knowledge engineer, data scientist manager, digital insight analyst and many more.

The EDHEC Master in Management – Data Science & AI for Business is a three-year programme– two academic years and one year of professional immersion and/or academic exchange with an international partner institution.


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