Alumni Stories

Innovation at the Heart of Healthcare
Executive Education
13.05.2024 - Executive Education
Innovation at the Heart of Healthcare: Dr. Gregory Fretz on the Power of EDHEC's EMBA
Expert interview with Dr. Gregory Fretz, Head of Poliklinik KSGR in Switzerland and EDHEC Executive MBA candidate.
Executive Education
02.01.2024 - Executive Education
#MYMBASTORY - An MBA to propel innovation and digital learning transformation
Studying at EDHEC not only equipped Claudia with new skills and knowledge but also built a new level of confidence in her. One of her most…
Executive Education
22.12.2023 - Executive Education
Meet the GMBA cohort: Marissa Grice from the US
Meet Marissa to find out what her career aspirations are and why she chose EDHEC to make her dream come true
Executive Education
06.12.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - Navigating the journey to leadership: Eustacia's EDHEC Global MBA adventure
Before embarking on her MBA journey, Eustacia was already instrumental in her family business, working on logistics for their Australian projects.…
Veronica Global MBA Leadership
Executive Education
02.10.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - Mastering Global Leadership and gaining insights from cutting-edge innovations thanks to my MBA
Veronica chose the Global Leadership track, one of four possible specialisations offered at EDHEC 
Javier Garcia Royo EDHEC Global MBA
Executive Education
25.09.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - Pedaling towards a greener future: Javier Garcia Royo's inspiring journey with EDHEC's Global MBA
In a world where sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship are no longer optional, but a necessity, one inspiring triathlete set out on a…
Sara EDHEC Executive MBA
Executive Education
20.09.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory – Sara Van Leuven: Breaking barriers, building dreams
EDHEC's Executive MBA was not just a career booster for Sara, it was a life-changer. Here's her story. 
Executive Education
18.07.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - A day in the life of a Global MBA participant
Meet Karla Salazar and dive into her journey of growth and discovery.
Executive Education
12.07.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - Accelerate career growth with EDHEC's Global MBA
In this video-testimonial, Shreeja from India shares her journey of transformation