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EDHEC Global MBA cohort 2024
Executive Education
10.09.2023 - Executive Education
Meet the EDHEC Global MBA cohort 2023-2024: where talent meets diversity
As the academic year kicks off, EDHEC proudly welcomes the newest cohort to the Global MBA programme. This year's group of participants reflects our…
Best MBA in the world
Executive Education
05.09.2023 - Executive Education
How to find the best MBA programme?
Unlock your career success with our guide on how to find the best MBA to match your aspirations 
EDHEC Global MBA 2023
Executive Education
30.08.2023 - Executive Education
Tackling the challenges of tomorrow – career options after an MBA
While our current cohort is finalising their MBA projects and internships and getting ready for life post-MBA, what happened to last year’s cohort?…
Executive Education
22.08.2023 - Executive Education
Re-invent your career with the EDHEC Global MBA
Join us as Spencer Hamilton and Jennifer Pasquier from EDHEC's Career and Corporate Services share how our unique career support services help…
12.08.2023 - MBA
Everything You Need to Know About EDHEC's Global MBA Scholarships Policy
Scholarships and financial aid are critical factors to look at carefully when you are considering investing in executive or continued education.
Executive MBA boosting careers
Executive Education
21.07.2023 - Executive Education
From Ambition to Success: Boosting Careers with EDHEC Business School's Executive MBA
The Executive MBA programme at EDHEC Business School has catalysed career transformations and elevated prospects for its graduates. In this article,…
EDHEC Executive MBA
Executive Education
17.07.2023 - Executive Education
EDHEC Executive MBA recognised among Europe’s Top 20
The programme has gained 2 spots in the 2023 QS Executive MBA ranking. 
03.07.2023 - MBA
Financing your MBA - are you eligible for an MBA scholarship?
Scholarships can make a substantial contribution to your Global MBA budget. EDHEC's transparent scholarship policy means you know right from the…
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Executive Education
20.06.2023 - Executive Education
MBAs: the importance of teaching data visualization to future decision makers
In today’s data-driven world, it is increasingly important to have accessible ways to visualize and better understand data.