Over the years, EDHEC has carved out a pivotal position among higher education institutions.

EDHEC Business School was founded in the early 20th century by industrialists in northern France. True to the humanist vision already driving the School’s founders in 1906, EDHEC’s ongoing is to place business at the service of society. A commitment that the School is furthering today through the implementation of an ambitious strategic plan for the 2020-2025 period, built for the benefit of future generations. Underpinned by outstanding teaching and privileged links with the business world, EDHEC ranks among the top 10 business schools in Europe. We are recognised for our internationalised outlook and approach, our high-quality teaching faculty and our ability to appropriate contemporary subjects like digital, sustainable finance and law. Operating as a higher education institution with a not-for-profit status, EDHEC is administered by various governance bodies intent on preserving our identity and ensuring our prosperity.


EDHEC students in a classroom

" Engaging for the benefit of future generations. The mission we fulfil every day."

This role remains just as valid today in a world increasingly subject to transformations and upheavals. As a business school, we have always been fully aware of our vital responsibility to transmit knowledge and of the key role we play for our generations of graduates, year after year.


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Ranking & Accreditations

European Business Schools

(Financial Times, 2022)

Master in Management worldwide

(Financial Times, 2023)

MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Consulting worldwide

(The Economist, 2021)

Top 10
MSc in Financial Engineering worldwide

(Financial Times, 2023)

Sustainability at EDHEC

In line with its manifesto "to have an impact on future generations", EDHEC's SDSR policy, updated from 2022 onwards on the basis of CapGemini Invent's audit work and collective reflections, commits all the school's activities.


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The EDHEC brand

“homme en marche” sculpture

EDHEC has forged an identity that is reflected equally in the School’s visuals, sound and text. These attributes illustrate EDHEC’s distinctive approach as a business school, focused on equipping new generations with the tools needed to initiate new practices and to enduringly transform the business world.


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Key figures


35 %
foreign students (110 nationalities)

Total research budget

Professors and researchers


Portrait of Emmanuel Métais

EDHEC’s governance is underpinned by four main bodies.
The Executive Committee manages all the School’s programmes and activities in France, Europe and internationally. It accomplishes its remit by following the recommendations of the Board of Governors, the International Advisory Board and the Ethics Board, three bodies whose members primarily comprise EDHEC graduates and partner-company representatives from around the world.


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Edhec Lille

EDHEC’s story began in 1906 with the creation of a business studies section within HEI Lille, that subsequently becomes HEIC Lille (Hautes Études Industrielles et Commerciales). At the start of the 1921 academic year, the HEC Nord business studies section was attached to the Free Faculty of Law. In 1951, HEC Nord became EDHEC (École Des Hautes Études Commerciales du Nord).


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