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All talents must be able to pursue their dream and their studies. Also, EDHEC is committed via its 2020-2025 strategic plan to increasing the support of high school and university students who wish to complete their course with us.

Fighting against self-censorship, giving a glimpse of career possibilities, mentoring those who need it, EDHEC is involved in these actions through associations and partners, and deploys them throughout the year and in several establishments. 


  • "Cordées de la Réussite": This is a flagship national programme deployed by the MESRI and the Rectorates. Thanks to tutoring supervised by a Master association, the students roped up in our partner high schools will be able to be integrated on our campuses in the Bachelor programme. These students will be granted a 75% reduction in tuition fees.
  • "Aréli": Through its Emergence programme and thanks to mentoring and scholarships, our partner helps preparatory students to enter EDHEC. EDHEC is committed to match the Aréli scholarship with the same amount, thus making it possible to accommodate several students in the Pre-Masters programme each year.
  • "Article 1": This privileged partner invites itself into the Pre-Master's programme to raise awareness of the issues of Diversity and Inclusion through several mandatory workshops. What is inclusion? How to put in place ways to achieve this? This is what all Pre-Masters students’ study during their first year. 
  • "Entretiens de l’Excellence": EDHEC welcomes middle school students every year to guide them in their choices of orientation and to give them advice on professions. The students thus plan early enough to imagine the rest of their studies in high school and choose the fitted options.


Various partnerships with different Foundations allow to increase the chances of studying at EDHEC:

  • Bourse de l’Espoir Lille only. We match the same amount as the scholarship awarded. Call for applications by us.
  • Bourse Jacques Lambert, (Lille only)



The "Talents Prépas" programme


In line with its 2025 “Impact Future Generations” strategic plan, which makes social openness a major challenge, EDHEC is strengthening its commitment to equal opportunities by inaugurating the first edition of Talents Prépas. 
It is an original and proactive support programme designed to promote the success of scholarship students in the preparatory class for entrance examinations to major business schools.



talents prépas 2022

50 scholarship students signed up for the programme


Talents Prépas is a six-month individualized support programme adapted to the rhythm of the preparatory class. It aims to support scholarship students in their preparation for the entrance exams to the Grandes Ecoles and, more specifically, for the oral admission tests for French business schools.


The Talents Prépas scheme will support, from the preparatory class, the success of students from more modest backgrounds, and thus contribute to breaking a certain form of social determinism. Based on the principle of tutoring, Talents Prépas appeals to the values of solidarity and mutual aid which are at the heart of our DNA, and today complements an ambitious social policy carried by the EDHEC4All system

Anne Zuccarelli

Director of Student Experience at EDHEC Business School, who initiated the programme