Criminal Risks Management Chair

Since its creation in 2005, the Chair aims to effectively train EDHEC students and partner company executives to detect and manage criminal risks in their environment, and to inform the widest possible spectrum of the general public about the reality of these risks.

« Managing such high risks requires precise knowledge of the criminal and terrorist actors that threaten companies, as well as the techniques they use, in order to develop appropriate risk management solutions. Acquiring and disseminating this rare knowledge of what are now strategic risks to companies: this is what the EDHEC Chair in Criminal Risk Management does every day. »


Bertrand Monnet, Director of the Chair

Cybercrime is costing the global economy more than $1 trillion per year since 2020. 47% of businesses have experienced at least one fraud in the period 2020 - 2021. Money laundering is worth $800-2,700 billion per year. Maritime piracy threatens 30% of global freight flows. Internal fraud costs the world's 300 largest companies 5% of their turnover each year...(Sources: World Bank, ACFE, PWC, McAfee, ICC).


Cybercrime, fraud, money laundering, attacks, piracy, kidnapping, counterfeiting, corruption...: the company is a constant target of organised crime, cybercriminal groups and terrorist organisations, but also of corrupt public officials, hostile states, unfair competitors and fraudulent employees.


Far from being exotic, criminal risks are an integral part of the constraints of international management.


Under the direction of Bertrand Monnet, the Criminal Risk Management Chair has set itself two main objectives, based on an ambitious research programme:

  • To train the maximum number of participants in EDHEC's programmes in the detection of criminal risks in the biotope of their companies, and in the mobilisation of efficient risk mitigation solutions.
  • To inform the widest possible spectrum of the general public about the reality of criminal risks and their danger to the economy and society.



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