EDHEC Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship

The EDHEC Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship federates all of the School's initiatives related to entrepreneurship, and aims to train and raise awareness of talents capable of making business evolve by contributing positively to society's balance.

Ludovic Cailluet

"The centre is uniquely positioned within the European business school ecosystem. Our ambition is to motivate and train tomorrow's entrepreneurs in global performance: economic, environmental and societal."

Ludovic Cailluet, Associate Dean, Professor of Strategy at EDHEC.




EDHEC Business School's 2020-2025 strategic plan places entrepreneurship at the forefront: the aim is to create the conditions for an ambitious, diverse and responsible entrepreneurial culture through the training provided, the framework offered and the research conducted. This culture is based on the School's history, from its creation by industrialists in northern France at the beginning of the 20th century to the installation of EDHEC Entrepreneurs in Station F (Paris) and on the Jean Arnault campus (Roubaix).


The inauguration in May 2022 of EDHEC's Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship sends a strong signal to future and current students, but also to potential recruiters and partners. "Make an impact", the School's signature, is now fully deployed in an entrepreneurial dimension that employs numerous educational, scientific and financial resources for the benefit of future generations.


Students from all pre- and post-experience courses can equip and train themselves before embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure via dedicated programmes or specialisations.


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Within EDHEC, a group of researchers has been interested in entrepreneurship for many years and regularly publishes on this subject. One theme stands out in particular, that of research on family businesses.


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This programme is constantly being reinvented to provide entrepreneurs with the keys to becoming involved and shaping the future. Three courses are offered: "Raising awareness", "Moving from idea to prototype" and "Supporting".


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The EDHEC Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship was created by EDHEC Business School in early 2022. To find out more, visit the dedicated page.

Le livre blanc d'EDHEC Entrepreneurs : Startups et entrepreneuriat responsable en 2022

Discover the first whitepaper on ESG practices in startups, produced in partnership with STATION F.