Being an EDHEC professor and researcher

EDHEC’s professors and researchers transmit their knowledge to our students and more widely to society.

EDHEC’s teaching faculty leverages its knowledge in the interests of practical research of international impact that is applicable to the professional sphere and capable of fuelling public debate. The foundations of this excellence lie in the faculty’s focus on working for the success of our students, by tuning them in to innovative subjects and programmes in synch with the needs of society, and particularly data, climate finance and augmented law. An approach that EDHEC cements by recruiting numerous professors with academic backgrounds in the world’s most prestigious schools.

Research and teaching at the intersection of entrepreneurship and sustainability are a passion of mine. I was attracted to EDHEC’s Strategic Plan which puts research that impacts future generations and sustainability at the forefront of our actions. I am happy to continue my endeavours at an institution that values and supports both.

Professor Maria Figueroa-Armijos

Maria Figueroa-Armijos

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

The majority of EDHEC students will work for or with family-owned firms, be it as employees, owners, clients, suppliers, or service providers. In my research and my courses on family businesses, I share what it takes to better understand such organisations.

Fabian Bernhard

Professor and Researcher in Management, Organisational Psychology, and Organisational Behaviour, Specialised in Family Businesses

My academic research and personal passions revolve around entertainment marketing (cinema, museums and video games). Beyond their business impact, creative industries are powerful platforms to diffuse and legitimate societal practices. With my research I want to raise awareness on issues such as sustainability and inclusion in arts management. As an illustration, I am currently working on sustainable issues for museums and gender diversity in video games.

Guergana Guintcheva

Guergana Guintcheva

Director Business Management track, Programme Director MSc in Marketing Management & Professor

My research work focuses on the regulation of artificial intelligence, personal data protection and consumer regulation in digital markets. It is geared to protecting vulnerable consumers in the AI environment. This is one of the challenges the next generations need to prepare for.

Gianclaudio Malgieri

Gianclaudio Malgieri

Associate Professor, Researcher at the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute

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"Our five academic departments provide people and organisations with the opportunity to make an impact on future generations. Our international and research-active faculty members aim at making your time at EDHEC and your professional journey both challenging and rewarding.”

Michael Antioco

Dean for Faculty and Resarch