At EDHEC, we believe that every student should be able to have access to higher education. This is why EDHEC Business School created scholarships dedicated to international students to help them finance the cost of their studies.


A bachelor scholarship is financial support, provided by schools to either merit-based or need-based and some depend on your chosen field of study. At EDHEC, we have different scholarships for international students.

EDHEC International BBA created scholarships and bursaries for international students only. Various options are available: High Honours Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, Merit Scholarship and Social Criteria Bursary.

EDHEC’s BBA programme has 3 different tracks: the Business Management track (14,100€/year), the Global Business track (21,000€/year) and the Online track (10,900€/year). Students may benefit from scholarships to finance their studies.

There are two payment options to pay your tuition fees: Full one-time payment or 44 monthly payments. Non European students ​will have to pay your tuition fees via wire transfer. Direct debit is not possible.

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20.01.2024 - EDHEC International BBA | Open days | Face-to-face
EDHEC Nice Campus
EDHEC International BBA
27.01.2024 - EDHEC International BBA | Open days | Face-to-face
EDHEC Lille Campus
EDHEC International BBA
07.02.2024 - Immersions | Face-to-face
EDHEC Lille Campus


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