Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Since the Diversity & Inclusion Chair was created in 2016, it has been developing and supporting transformation and awareness projects to give everyone, as individuals or within organisations, equal opportunities for integration and success.




"Diversity and inclusion are a major societal and economic challenge. They are factors of equity and equal opportunities, as well as mobilisers and positive transformation generators. We want to use the Chair’s action to to advance diversity and inclusion and to multiply their positive effects on individuals and organisations. "



Hager Jemel-Fornetty, Director of the Chair

The Diversity & Inclusion Chair was created in 2016. Since then, it has expanded its efforts and actions to inspire, raise awareness, and support individuals and organisations. The goal is to cultivate inclusive and non-discriminatory behaviours and environments.


A multidisciplinary team,

at the heart of an ecosystem of specialists from the professional and research worlds

A dual scientific and business approach

academic research serving individuals and organisations

A process of co-construction with partners,

for each of their projects

An open and non-judgmental attitude,

adapted to any individual or organisation, whatever their level of progress in D&I practices.


Gender Equality

Inclusive Leadership

Gender and Sexual Violence

Mentoring and equal opportunities


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