Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations

Welcome to the pages of the EDHEC "Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations" department. This department is at the heart of the school's development and activities, as its professors offer expertise related to innovation and sustainable development, whether in strategy, operations management, supply chain deployment, information systems or entrepreneurship. The department also includes a specialization in the fight against the criminal economy.


« Coping with global warming, safeguarding planetary resources, evolving in the context of a global pandemic, making progress in a world subject to geopolitical upheavals and wars, fighting against social inequalities: these subjects are at the heart of the skills developed and transmitted by our department to its various audiences, in order to help them deploy the socio-economic models that will contribute to our survival and to the improvement of our living conditions. »


Philippe Very, Head of the Department, Professor

Master in Management in the world

(Financial Times 2021) – Programme Global Economic Transformation and Technology (GETT)

Master in Management in the world

(The Economist 2021) – Programme MSc Strategy, Organisation & Consulting

Master in Management in the world

(Financial Times 2021) – Programme MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation



In their respective fields, our professors publish in leading scientific journals and are involved in all EDHEC programmes.



Our faculty teach in the areas of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, information systems, computer science, operations management, supply chain management, and economic crime management. They also integrate sustainability issues into their courses and most focus on innovation.


They are involved in all EDHEC programmes, on all campuses: at the Bachelor, Master and Executive levels, in class and online. They coordinate several Master's programmes and specializations, notably the MSc "Strategy, Organisation & Consulting" or the MSc "Entrepreneurship & Innovation". n addition, a professor manages the internationally recognized « Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) » programme, organized with the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley (USA) and the SKK Graduate School of Business at Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea).



We conduct research in a wide variety of management disciplines, and our faculty members have published numerous articles in leading academic journals such as Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Journal et Strategic Management Journal.


One centre and three chairs are managed by our professors:



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