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The Master in Management (MiM) – Business Management is a two-year programme designed to provide you with the academic knowledge and practical skills you need to pursue a career in business management. You will have the opportunity to gain a Master’s degree in your second academic year, after a year of work experience and/or academic exchange with a global partner university. You can also choose to study while you work with our unique apprenticeship track.

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Two-year academic programme, plus a one-year professional immersion

Start date

Early September 2024


Application deadline

June 23, 2024

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Hear directly from our Programme Director and a current student, and get all your questions answered about the admission process. 

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Programme Insights

My career opportunities | EDHEC Business School

Hi, my name is Ranan and I am a Master's in Management student in the business management track. 

[Music] Campus Life. Ranan Parashar. My Career opportunities thanks to EDHEC.

This is what I really appreciate about the Career Centre: they really read each and every profile in a detailed manner, to make the best out of it, and make sure that you land an internship/job currently.
I'm in my second gap year internship, and I'm interning as an M&A marketing and consumer engagement assistant at Sol de Janeiro. For my first internship, I worked as a PR and media consultant at TBWA corporate.

Gap year is a time to completely learn about yourself, to figure out what really drives and inspires you. You will be in a professional working environment, where you will meet a lot of new people every day. And they will help you understand the business culture of the industry where you intend to go in the future. And lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, it's a great opportunity to develop your skill sets. It's something that you cannot learn in the classrooms. Also EDHEC alumni network is very vast and very well established in the respective sectors. Just to give you a quick example, my current manager, she's an EDHEC alumna and in one of the meetings that we had, a few weeks ago, and this is something that I feel really proud of, is the fact that out of the six people in the meeting... three were from EDHEC. So that is something really commendable, that really shows you how widespread we are and how successful we are.

[ What advice would you like to share? ]

Try to get into one of the student associations at EDHEC. There are plenty to choose from, and all are working on some phenomenal causes. I was in EDHEC Nations Unies, or EDHEC United Nations and I worked in the creative and communications department or the "com' crea". The work there helped me enter one of the most creative phases of my life, and what I learned from there, in terms of video making or in terms of, you know, creating digital assets... all the skill sets that I learned over there, you would not believe it, but this is something that is part of my job routine now.

[What was your experience with EDHEC International Student Office (ISO)?]

I am really satisfied with what ISO has done for me personally, and for the students in general. You know, whether it be an issue with my visa, or my rent in France. You know, ISO has always been there. They are just an email away, and just to give you a quick example: me and my friends, we decided to stay back on the campus during the first lockdown in France. We stayed in the student's residence. The amount of health and moral support that the ISO has shown during those times really shows the fact that they really care about their student's well-being. And that is something, since we were so far away from our family, they understood our needs and requirements. And I'm so very happy that, you know, EDHEC takes such good care of their students.

[Music] Make an impact. EDHEC logo.

My academic and professional journey | EDHEC Business School

[ringtone] Difei Guo. Graduate Master in Management.

I'm from the northeast of China, a place that is near Russia, Japan, Korea and super cold in winter, minus 30 degrees.
My dad is a doctor, my mom is a nurse. I went to the University of Nottingham. It's a British university and I chose the major of international business, because I kind of want to explore the business world. So I can figure out what I like, what I don't like.

At that point, I kind of realised my passion in marketing and branding, and I also have this urge to explore another culture. During my study in the university of Nottingham, actually I did that exchange programme in France. It’s in that semester, I really like French language and culture, and like the lifestyle here. Especially the arts and the museum. Since it's always something I really enjoy. So I decided to take a master's program in France.  That's why I met EDHEC. It's really a top business school with this three year master’s programme, to not only give me a double master's degree but it also gave me a one year chance to develop a career here. Have international working experience. So that's why I decided to take this opportunity and really start this journey.

The first year, we really dive into the business management work, have a master level understanding, which align with my formal experience. And second year, I have one year of professional experience. So I can take real life experience working in different industries, in an international environment. And then last year, I can choose the specialisation. So it really depends on what you understand in the previous two year experience. So far, I have a lot of opportunities. I got offers from China, from London… opportunities in Germany. Also I have finished my internship at Amazon in Luxembourg. So I would say, if I didn’t have that experience at EDHEC,  I wouldn’t have had this amazing opportunity from different countries. And I would say, it's really the strategic thinking in the second master I got, plus the international working experience, that really made my resume stand out.

Actually if you read the survey, the most friendly city in France is actually Lille. Especially for international students. It's a city near the border, very close, probably 30 minutes to Belgium and not far from the Netherlands, and also kind of close to the UK. You can take the Eurostar directly to London. So that position really gives international students a great opportunity to explore. Since you can have your career life, you can have your study life, but at the same time you can enjoy European culture. 

So I would say, EDHEC helped me to become a more authentic person and find my true value. Not to mention the support from the school, from the career centre and all the amazing schoolmates and alumni I have met during this three years’ journey. Every time, I push myself out there, put myself in danger, and then I grow. And I achieved something I could never imagine. So this will be my aspiration. I will keep doing the same thing in the future.

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Our dedicated team of International Recruitment Managers and Country Managers are here to help you in your application process and check your eligibility for your preferred programme and help identify which scholarship you might be eligible for.




The EDHEC Master in Management is a top-ranked, two-year academic programme designed for students seeking to increase their general management skills. Also known as the Grande Ecole programme, it awards you a double degree: a Master in Management and Master of Science. After the first year of your master’s degree, you can gain a full year’s professional experience or undertake an internship and a six-month exchange at a partner university, before completing the second year of your master’s programme.
Our Master of Science degrees are specialised programmes targeted at students who wish to acquire new knowledge in a specific field or further strengthen their existing expertise. If you are a student on the Master in Management programme, you can also earn a Master of Science degree in the second year of your programme, when you choose your specialisation.

No. EDHEC’s Master in Management – Business Management is already a double degree programme, awarding graduates a Master’s in Management degree and a Master of Science degree. You will have the option to swap your EDHEC MSc for a qualification from one of our partner universities, by completing your Master 2 year at one of our partner institutions.

With a Master in Management – Business Management degree, you can pursue a range of diverse careers in international business. It serves as the perfect springboard for careers including corporate and social responsibility manager, marketing manager, digital marketing manager, business development manager. sales manager, corporate financier, business analyst, research analyst, HR manager, operations manager and many more.

The EDHEC Master in Management – Business Management programme takes three years in total – two years of academic study and one year of professional immersion and/or academic exchange with an international partner institution.




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