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EDHEC Business School has acquired a worldwide reputation for the quality of its financial education. The Master's in Management (MiM) ‒ Finance is designed to provide students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to pursue a successful international career.

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Masters in Finance Worldwide

Financial Times 2023

Master in Management Worldwide

Financial Times 2023

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Master in Management ranking - Financial Times 2023

Two-year academic programme plus one year of professional immersion

Start date

Early September 2024


Application deadline

June 23, 2024

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This one-hour session will offer an in-depth look at the programme's curriculum, its unique benefits and the vibrant student life that awaits you during your academic journey.

Hear directly from our Programme Director and a current student, and get all your questions answered about the admission process. 

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Programme Insights

How Finance became my passion | EDHEC Business School

Speaker: Angelina Shepleva, Master in Management - Finance track at EDHEC Business School.

I'm Angelina and I'm from Russia. I was born in Saratov. It is a large city in the Southeast of the European part of Russia. Saratov is not only a major cultural, economic and political centre of Russia but it's also famous for being the place where the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, landed after his first trip to space. This of course didn't make me want to become an astronaut but it made me strong, it made me ambitious, it made me curious about lots of things. 

At the beginning, I started my senior year in humanities and when I finished school, I decided to get my Bachelor's degree in Law in Saratov’s State Legal Academy. so I decided to stay in my hometown. But a year later, I realised that I wanted to pursue my studies in International relations and I decided to take my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations in Moscow State Institute of International Relations. When you start in political science, you learn how power is distributed, why events happen, and what is happening in the world. So it helps me to analyse all the issues and all the problems from different angles. I did my first scholarship in the legal Department of the Bank Uralsib, and this was the place where I realised that I was more passionate about the financial side of things, linked to the corporations, to the financial analysis and evaluations.

I was inspired by the work of my other colleague from the financial Department and I realised that I was more passionate about finance. So then I did two internships in finance in order to confirm whether I was really passionate or not. And I did my internship in accountancy and then in audit. Then I decided to choose the institution that was famous for finance. That was EDHEC, which is ranked as one of the best universities in the world for finance. And so I decided to start the application process and to apply for EDHEC. 

Now I'm here at EDHEC, studying finance. I'm surrounded by the best students in the world who are ambitious, who are curious, and so for me it is a new challenge. And I love taking challenges. This Master in Finance has already given me a lot of opportunities but especially its career centre services. The career centre organises a lot of networking sessions with various biggest banks in the world and with largest financial institutions in the world. They give us opportunities to meet the employees that work there. They can share with us their experience and sometimes we can do the interview with them. In September, when I just integrated EDHEC, I was so impressed by the level of the organisation, that I realised that this was really where I am supposed to be. It just hasn't just prepared me for the career in finance but it also prepares me for any challenges to tackle in this world.

Student talk: our MiM in Financial Economics | EDHEC Business School

[Music] Title: “Student Talk

Speaker: Nouhailia Shimi. Master in Management - Finance 

Hi everyone, my name is Nouhailia Shimi. 

I'm 22 years old and I'm a student at EDHEC Business School.

My journey first started six years ago, when I first decided to join al Al Akhawayn university for a BBA. One year prior to my graduation, I also decided that I wanted to continue learning finance via master's but which school, which programme, which language, which country...? I had no idea. So I had a heavy heavy list of all the options I could apply to. Very quickly I realised that, to do very concise and good applications, I had to filter out my choices. So I went fishing on the internet, all the information, and rankings and advice I could find. Very quickly France stood out, mainly because in the Financial Times rankings, its business schools were ranked at the top of the lists.

Thereafter, one business school also triggered my interest: EDHEC. The alumna said the experience was exciting, inspiring and very very insightful. The Financial Times ranked its MSc in Financial Market in the top five of masters worldwide. And also its motto said "make an impact" and it's something that really really triggered my excitement. I started to prepare for the GMAT and write motivation letters and prepare for my recommendation letters, and I applied. A few weeks later,  my plan A: EDHEC , had sent me its acceptance letter with an excellence scholarship. I was very very happy. Today I'm still very very happy to be part of such an institution. EDHEC gave me great friends, international exposure, a very healthy environment, and mainly lots and lots of ambitions. Today I work as a full-time intern in the frame of my gap year at Amundi asset management. Alongside motivated and smart managers at the poll of structuring and research, in the release states industry. I learn every day how to structure funds, do fundamental research, and learn how the real estate industry works. Now if I had one advice to give to any student who wants to apply to EDHEC Business School, it would be to believe in yourself. Be true to yourself, be honest about your motivations. EDHEC, I think, doesn't want to see a copy-paste in each application. You want to see different people, different personalities, different motivations, different ambitions. They want to have a class of diverse people, diverse brains, all motivated and inspired to continue their path in the corporate world and in the business world. So trust yourself, and show them who you are, in each step of your application. That was all from me. Thank you


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The Master in Management – Finance is a double degree programme that gives graduates the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a host of careers in the financial industry. Graduates are awarded a Master in Management and a Master of Science degree. The course comprises a two-year academic programme, plus a year of professional immersion and/or academic exchanges with partner universities. The Financial Times ranks the Master in Management – Finance in the top five Masters in Finance Worldwide (2022).

The Master in Management – Finance double degree gives you the in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge skills sought after by firms in the financial industry. You can pursue a vast array of careers in business and finance, for example, portfolio manager, wealth manager, equity analyst, fixed-income strategist or financial director. Ranked in the top five Masters in Finance Worldwide by the Financial Times (2022), this dual degree sets you apart from the competition in the highly competitive financial industry jobs market.

The EDHEC Master in Management is a top-ranked, two-year academic programme designed for students seeking to increase their general management skills. Also known as the Grande Ecole programme, it awards you a double degree: a Master in Management and Master of Science. After the first year of your master’s degree, you can gain a full year’s professional experience or undertake an internship and a six-month exchange at a partner university, before completing the second year of your master’s programme.

Our Master of Science degrees are specialised programmes targeted at students who wish to acquire new knowledge in a specific field or further strengthen their existing expertise. If you are a student on the Master in Management programme, you can also earn a Master of Science degree in the second year of your programme, when you choose your specialisation.

Yes, you can. You do not have to have a degree in finance to study for the Master in Management – Finance, but we do require you have at least a three-year primary degree in a numerate discipline, for example, engineering, maths, science or accounting.

Three years in total. You will have two years of academic studies plus one year of professional immersion/academic exchange with one of our partner universities around the world.

Financial management consists in organising, planning and controlling the finances of a structure such as a company, an association, etc. It can be summarised as management applied to finance. It is a strategic department in a company, since it has several objectives, such as maximising profits, monitoring cash flow and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

To do this, financial management specialists plan the company's budget: how much money will it take to achieve the objectives? They set the budget and allocate money where it is needed. They make sure that the company has enough funds to pay for day-to-day activities, such as buying raw materials, etc. They also ensure that there is always extra money available to deal with unforeseen problems or to fund new business opportunities.

Risk management is also an important part of financial management. There are many ways in which a company can be exposed to risk (natural disasters, credit risk, etc.) and financial managers need to assess it and propose measures to mitigate it or find new investment opportunities. After completing the Master in Management - Finance, you will have all the skills and experience you need to start your career.

The Master in Management - Finance will also teach you about quantitative finance.

Quantitative finance is the use of mathematical models and large volumes of data to assess investment opportunities and study the price of financial instruments and its evolution...Quantitative analysts are often called “quants”. To become one, you need advanced knowledge in mathematics and finance.

The Master will help you achieve your professional goals in quantitative finance.

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