Once you have graduated from EDHEC International BBA, you will have the choice to pursue your studies in the best institutions in France and abroad, or to start your career.

Find out about the different options available to you.



66% of EDHEC International BBA graduates continue their studies in the top institutions in France and abroad, in an MBA or an MSc, including EDHEC Business School. 

After a BBA, students can apply to international jobs. Depending on the academic specialisation they choose, and thanks to the work experience acquired during their studies (up to 18 months) can take up career opportunities in a number of areas in the private as well as government sector. Graduated students who also want to start their own company can also benefit from the EDHEC’s incubator.

After their degree, students can choose to pursue their studies or start their professional career, in France or internationally. EDHEC International BBA programme combines academic excellence, professional experience and international exposure which means students can start their career at the end of their bachelor's degree.


08.11.2023 - Immersions | Face-to-face
EDHEC Lille Campus
15.11.2023 - Immersions | Face-to-face
EDHEC Paris Campus
22.11.2023 - Immersions | Face-to-face
EDHEC Nice Campus


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