Being an EDHEC graduate

All EDHEC graduates are part of a community trained and geared up to handle the major transformations taking place in the world.

The EDHEC Alumni association represents a collective of close to 50,000 members spread around the world and united around the shared values of pragmatism, authenticity and engagement. The growing EDHEC Alumni community contributes to raising EDHEC’s prestige, thanks to the rich trajectories of our former students and their desire to introduce new practices, whether by starting their own businesses or within existing companies.


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EDHEC gave me academic discipline and insight through various electives and classes that continue to inspire and help me even 20 years on. I was not only lucky enough to take strategy classes with Emmanuel Métais, but also to have him as my dissertation supervisor, which was a great opportunity! I saw how EDHEC was one of the rare institutions that applied to itself what it taught to its students, which makes it stand out in the sector.

Lastly, thanks to my involvement in the Guild of Students and to the fantastic people I met during my three years at the School, I made friends for life!

Francis BAREL

Director Paypal France

The strength of the School lays in its ability to adapt to your objectives and to give you the support you need to attain them. In addition to being an international programme that equips you for responsibility, the BBA is also great for the inspiring people and lecturers you meet. EDHEC gave me the chance to learn by doing and to affirm who I am.


HR & Rewards Manager at L'Oréal

A quick look back on my student years at EDHEC helped me realise how much the people I met during that period (internship supervisors, inspiring professors and the Dean among others) helped me to be who I am today. They enabled me to grow, cement my values, move out of my comfort zone, learn to give without counting and dare to do.


CEO and founder of Ezyperf, operational management software

What did I get from EDHEC? Academic excellence through my classes and via the approach EDHEC offers to its students. I was always supported with plenty of attention and positivity, but with firmness as well. It’s something I appreciated and will always remember. I really admire what the School and EDHEC Alumni offer over the years, and their desire to accept danger, take risks, innovate, create new academic tracks, new sites and new teaching mechanisms, all from a long-term perspective and underpinned by the humility and excellence that characterise them both.

Iwann LE DÛ

Founder and CEO of WeCoach