EDHEC’s strategy

EDHEC’s efforts are focused on future generations.

"Engaging for the benefit of future generations. The mission we fulfil every day."

As a business school, we have always been fully aware of our vital responsibility to transmit knowledge and of the key role we play for our generations of graduates, year after year. This role remains just as valid in a world increasingly subject to transformations and upheavals, and requires us to engage with the whole of our community on an everyday basis in order:

  • To make business the key to positive transformation. By instilling this value in our students, by always thinking “impact” and by training talented individuals capable of changing the world of business on an enduring basis.
  • To continue to display a bold and innovative mindset in everything we do. This involves encouraging each individual to pursue their projects and not to hesitate for fear of making mistakes.
  • To trace together the contours of a more open, more diverse and more inclusive society.

The whole of the EDHEC community works to overcome these challenges on an everyday basis. All the programmes we create, all student projects, all academic research projects, all new ideas and all the partnerships we sign contribute to a much broader objective, namely that of helping to positively transform the world. 

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Our “Impact Future Generations 2025” strategic plan


EDHEC launched an ambitious strategic plan in 2020 – “Impact Future Generations 2025” – which clearly focuses the School’s ambition and resources on the positive transformation that can be achieved through business and the economy, all with a view to helping create a better world for future generations.

This plan is expressed via a mission statement:

Through its research, training and the actions of its alumni, EDHEC engages the power of business to serve future generations”.

A vision that translates into three in-depth transformations:


  1. Through our research, by making EDHEC the go-to business school worldwide for sustainable finance and boosting our model of high-impact research serving industry and society;
  2. Through our programmes, by training EDHEC students and alumni ever-more eager to engage actively in major global transformations;
  3. Through our model, by engaging EDHEC in the technological and digital revolution, and making it a pivotal knowledge-transmission platform.
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Seven strategic battles for a positive impact


EDHEC’s strategic plan revolves around seven large battles waged by the whole of our community. They are designed to cement the School’s model - whether in terms of teaching, research, student experience or equity – on completion of the plan in 2025.

The issue: ensure the academic research and work done by our researchers is of real practical use for the positive transformation of industry and markets.


Flagship project: the EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute is a new research centre wholly devoted to sustainable finance and the impact of climate issues on the financial industry.


EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute

The issue: give students all the keys they need to be agile in their future jobs and careers, through the application of an open mindset and hybrid skills.


Flagship project: the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance offered in partnership with Mines ParisTech combines EDHEC’s expertise in finance with a thorough understanding of the scientific and technical challenges associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy.


MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable finance


The issue: leverage key skills and innovations related to technology and data, so as to better understand global transformations and make enlightened use of them.


Flagship project: the creation of an EdTech MOOC in partnership with Coursera, designed to provide students with an overall understanding of EdTech, via four modules dealing with knowledge transmission through the spectrum of digital and artificial intelligence.


MOOC Introduction to EdTech

The issue: offer students guaranteed international exposure via the signature of key strategic partnerships, rooted in our values of diversity, inclusion and dialogue.


Flagship project: the creation of EDHEC America, a permanent structure located in the heart of the University of Berkeley in California and geared to developing EDHEC’s educational activities, impact in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, relations with US universities and companies, and proximity with the School’s alumni network in the USA.


EDHEC America

The issue: ensure students’ years at the School are rich in activities, encounters and responsibilities.


Flagship project: the Jean Arnault Campus, wholly devoted to entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusion, and inaugurated in July 2021 in partnership with LVMH and LIVE, a not-for-profit association that helps people into employment.


Jean Arnault campus

The issue: make entrepreneurship a key to success and global transformation by uniting all stakeholders and all activities around this objective.


Flagship project: the Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship is set to bring together all of EDHEC’s entrepreneurship-related entities and activities: the EDHEC Entrepreneurs incubator, all business start-up initiatives and related courses on our teaching programmes as well as entrepreneurship research projects.


EDHEC Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship

The issue: Open EDHEC’s doors to a more diversified public, by mobilising the whole of the community and employing targeted and meritocratic actions.


Flagship project: EDHEC fosters access to outstanding higher education for deserving students through a system of bursaries and financial assistance.


Financial Aids