EDHEC’s strong commitment to its on-campus voluntary organisations stands out. Initiatives backed by the students, which form an integral part of its educational programme, are a direct expression of the School’s values, and a strong driver for developing a spirit of enterprise. The student organisations, which cover a wide range of interests and enable everyone to find something for them, provide a unique opportunity to acquire experience, work in a team and put your talents and sense of leadership into practice.



  • BDS Nice
  • EDHEC Nations Unies
  • HelloWorldEDHEC
  • Nice Visit
  • Open Up
  • PinguinEDHEC
  • Transaction EDHEC


  • Chass'EDHEC
  • Dionysos
  • Ed'Express
  • La Grappe
  • Le Chti
  • Le Pitchoun
  • Le Scandaleux
  • MelkisEDHEC

  • Aide EDHEC
  • Cheer 'UP
  • Develop
  • EcoThink
  • Etudiants & Protection Animale
  • Human'East
  • L'Ombre et la Plume
  • Music'All
  • Objectif Réussite
  • Schola Africa
  • Vive les Vacances

  • AD LIB
  • Ad'lib
  • Bureau des arts
  • Cin'EDHEC
  • Citépub-Citécom
  • Destinasia
  • ECDC
  • EDHEC Israel
  • Ext'Asie
  • L'Agora
  • La Clef des planches
  • Music'All
  • Prix de court
  • Star'EC
  • Talons Aiguilles

  • Citépub-Citécom
  • EDHEC Jobs Management
  • EDHEC Junior Etudes (EJE)
  • Sports Business Consulting
  • Total EDHEC Entreprendre (TEE)
  • Transaction EDHEC

  • 5eme Set
  • BDS – Lille
  • Club Voile EDHEC
  • Course Croisière EDHEC
  • EDHEC Aventures Lille
  • EDHEC Jumping
  • EDHEC North Race
  • OJO - Organisation des Jeux Omnisports
  • Raid EDHEC
  • Rugby Groupe EDHEC (RGE)
  • Team Golf EDHEC (TGE)

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