Talents Prépas


In line with its 2025 strategic plan "Impact Future Generations", which makes social inclusion a major issue, EDHEC has strengthened its commitment to equal opportunities through Talents Prépas, an original and proactive support programme designed to help scholarship students succeed in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles business entrance exams.


This programme is aimed at students in preparatory classes with grants.

Talents Prépas is an 8-month individualised support programme adapted to the pace of the preparatory classes, designed to complement preparation for the competitive entrance exams and more specifically the oral entrance exams for French business schools, through tutorials, introductory lectures and a bootcamp on the Lille campus. Combining distance learning and classroom sessions, this programme welcomes up to 50 scholarship students in their second year of preparatory classes who wish to enter EDHEC via the Banque Commune d'Epreuves (BCE) competitive entrance exam.


The Talents Prépas Programme offers:

  • invitations to EDHEC Business School events and online conferences
  • a tutoring programme with student volunteers to help you refine your project and plan your future at EDHEC
  • practical workshops to prepare for the oral exams
  • a two-day bootcamp to discover the Lille campus, meet the students and do a mock oral in real-life conditions in front of a panel of judges
  • a subscription to Brief.me to receive the best news every day by e-mail
Tutoring sessions

Days of immersion



The Talents Prépas scheme will support, from the preparatory class, the success of students from more modest backgrounds, and thus contribute to breaking a certain form of social determinism. Based on the principle of tutoring, Talents Prépas appeals to the values of solidarity and mutual aid which are at the heart of our DNA, and today complements an ambitious social policy carried by the EDHEC4All system.

Anne Zuccarelli

Director of Student Experience at EDHEC Business School, who initiated the programme

Eligibility criteria


  • Be a future candidate in the EDHEC 2024 competition
  • Be in the second year of a preparatory class
  • Be a CROUS scholarship holder

Applications are now open, please complete the form below.




Ouverture des candidatures



Lancement du programme et premier tutorat



Premier oral blanc avec votre tuteur



Second oral blanc avec votre tuteur



Ateliers pratiques pour travailler la gestion du stress et la prise de parole en public



Bootcamp : 2 jours d’immersion sur le campus de Lille avec un oral blanc en condition réelle

Comment avez-vous connu le programme Talents Prépas ?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in your programme. It's a real boost to self-confidence that you're offering for students in preparatory classes. I hope that the next generation will feel the same.


Class of 2022-2023

Thank you very much for the programme. It's helped me to get through the pre-prepa better by focusing on the post-prepa from the start of the year. It's also been a practical way of not neglecting my motivation orals!


Class of 2022-2023

The advice my tutor gave me was very useful and precise. It's always interesting to have the point of view of someone who's already been through the competition.


Class of 2021-2022

I'm very happy to have taken part in this programme because it really made me want to join EDHEC, whereas before I wasn't particularly attached to it.


Class of 2021-2022

This programme allows me to project myself into the school, which is even more motivating.


Class of 2021-2022