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News - 16-12-2016
Following a strategy seminar "learning expedition" in London on new marketing tends, the SNCF High Potentials traveled Paris for a 3-day seminar on "Finance for decision-making", combining workshops, conferences, debates and personal accounts of... Read more
News - 05-12-2016
EDHEC Business School joins the exclusive group of the Financial Times’ Top 15 European Business Schools this year at 14th place. The School has gained 11 places since last year, the most impressive improvement found in the rankings. EDHEC is now No... Read more
News - 15-11-2016
NEST was set up specifically to support changes that meant UK employers now have to automatically enrol their workers into a workplace pension scheme. Since its creation in 2011 NEST has become one of the largest master trusts in the UK and... Read more
News - 09-11-2016
EDHEC Business School introduces new certificates into its Financial Economics programmes, to help its students further differentiate themselves on the placement fronts. These non-degree certificates are designed to help students to deepen their... Read more
News - 07-11-2016
George Tovstiga, professor of strategy at EDHEC Business School, will be participating at Innovation Roundtable Summit as invited speaker and “lab” facilitator. He will be doing several sessions on “failing intelligently” as well as hosting... Read more
News - 13-10-2016
EDHEC Business School is pleased to announce that the Economist has ranked EDHEC Global MBA N°24 among the best MBA programs worldwide, moving up 10 places from last year and N°7 in Europe, moving up 3 places from the 10th position last year. This... Read more
News - 29-09-2016
There are four key findings: • A high global rate of satisfaction (86%) towards Smart Beta among ETF users Investors consider smart beta indices as tools for improving their investment process. 81% of them think that smart beta indices avoid... Read more
News - 27-09-2016
Forerunners in the domain of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and low carbon smart beta investing, EDHEC-Risk Institute and ERI Scientific Beta have been providing a custom SRI smart beta index to the additional pension scheme for French civil... Read more
News - 11-09-2016
 The MBA in Nice :  The 80 EDHEC Global MBA students (10-month full time programme) were welcomed this week by their new Italian-American Programme Director, Michelle Sisto, PhD.  After obtaining her PhD in Finance from EDHEC... Read more
News - 01-09-2016
EDHEC Business School has strengthened its academic team by hiring 12 new professors from highly prestigious academic institutions such as the London Business School, HEC, Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Catholic University of Louvain. These... Read more
News - 15-07-2016
Nice was the target of a most terrible terrorist attack last night. We want you to know of our full support for its victims. We sincerely hope that all of you, whether student, parent, teacher, staff or partner of EDHEC, are safe and have no one... Read more
News - 12-07-2016
Join the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA for €45,000 only and make an impact in the family business! EDHEC wishes to reward those applicants who are ambitious and organized to submit their application early. The following Early Action... Read more
News - 08-07-2016
Arne De Keyser, PhD and professor of marketing at EDHEC Business School was awarded the AMA Servsig Dissertation Award  for his research paper "Understanding and managing the customer experience". In this paper, Arne De Keyser, Katherine... Read more
News - 05-07-2016
Using mean-variance spanning tests for 22 different proxies of listed infrastructure that were added to the portfolio of a well-diversified investor, the authors find no conclusive evidence of a “listed infrastructure asset... Read more
News - 24-06-2016
The EDHEC philosophy is now reinforced by our new brand signature “Make an Impact”. EDHEC Business School’s distinctive model provides it with agility as well as the ability to respond to market needs with innovative training programmes in the... Read more
News - 21-06-2016
There is a growing interest amongst sophisticated institutional investors in factor investing. It is now well accepted that the average long-term performance of active mutual fund managers can, to a large extent, be... Read more
- 20-06-2016
  rank_ft_MScfinance_uk (3).jpg EDHEC Business School’s MSc in Finance was ranked 4th worldwide in the Financial Times ranking of Masters in Finance released today. This result once again confirms the excellence and international standing of... Read more
- 20-06-2016
The Family Business Network is a nonprofit international network that is run by family businesses, for family businesses, with the aim of strengthening success over generations. With over 8,500 individual members across 58 countries, the FBN has... Read more
- 06-06-2016
graduation-ceremony-gemba-2016.jpg EDHEC awarded the very first cohort of international students of this new programme, reserved to family business next generation leaders. This highly emotional moment recognized both the... Read more
- 02-06-2016
In terms of geographical distribution, these assets are located in North America (59%), Europe (35%) and Asia-Pacific (6%). There are also 10 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) replicating Scientific Beta indices listed on the... Read more