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02.12.2022 - EDHEC
Watch the video of the 10th anniversary of the EDHEC Family Business Chair
On October 13, 2022, the chair dedicated to Family Business headed by Rania Labaki, associate professor at EDHEC, celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Jean Arnault campus. Here is a video review of this day rich in exchanges, presentations and convivial moments.
02.12.2022 - EDHEC
Handicap management at EDHEC: guaranteeing an optimal student experience
Some 160 students at EDHEC received support related to their handicap during the 2021-2022 academic year. This figure has more than doubled over the last two years (from just 70 students in 2019-2020), thanks to the reinforcement of EDHEC’s handicap policy and the deployment of sizeable technical and human resources. In short, the whole School mobilises to provide dedicated measures and facilities to people with disabilities (from enrolment through to graduation) and thus guarantee them a seamless student experience.   

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