EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum 2018

Since 2008, EDHEC Business School has been offering an original PhD in Finance programme allowing outstanding professionals to acquire the background and skills required to conduct research and development projects that advance knowledge and practices in the financial industry.

This year is the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the programme. We are proud of the recognition received from the profession for the research output produced by the 40 programme graduates to date, who have gone on to author more than 25 publications in top academic journals and leading professional reviews.

On 5 June, 2018 from 1:45 pm, the second edition of the EDHEC PhD IN FINANCE FORUM will be held on the EDHEC London campus, encouraging discussion with the practitioner and faculty community about the results of these original contributions. Each of these presentations is mostly based on the specific dissertation work of the speakers.


Research Presentations

The Term Structure of Securities Lending Fees

Speaker: François Cocquemas, PhD (2016)

Option-Implied Equity Return Expectations - Too Accurate for the Market to be Efficient?

Speaker: Majid Hasan, PhD (2017)

Market Timing using Forecast Indices and Lasso Model Selection

Speaker: David Mascio, PhD candidate

The Financialization of Commodities Term Premia

Speaker: Marat Molyboga, PhD candidate

Cultural Origins of Disagreement in Financial Markets

Speaker: Anmol Sethy, PhD candidate

Keynote Speech

Leverage Cycles, Credit Surfaces and Central Banking

Speaker: John Geanakoplos, James Tobin Professor of Economics, Yale University


Upon invitation only, the forum is free but registration is required (limited number of seats).

Registrations are closed. For special request, please send an email


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