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EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum 2023

The digital edition of the PhD in Finance Forum 2023 will share the research findings of five of the EDHEC PhD candidates and graduates.

Keynote speech by Neng Wang, PhD, Columbia Business School.

THE  06.06.2023
PhD in Finance Programme
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From 1:20 pm to 6:00 pm British Summer Time

Welcome to the EDHEC PhD IN FINANCE FORUM 2023! 
The sixth EDHEC PhD IN FINANCE FORUM will be held online on 6 June 2023. In it, the research produced by our PhD candidates and graduates will be presented to an international audience of academics and finance practitioners. 
EDHEC’s PhD in Finance programme has two objectives: to be academically excellent and to make a difference in finance and business practice. In short, it is an academically rigorous programme tailored specifically to the needs of the finance professional.
Our experience running the PhD programme over the last twelve years strongly suggests that experienced professionals with a strong academic background are capable of high-quality academic research with potential to make a difference in both academia and practice.
Successful completion of a PhD from students who combine a full-time job with the many challenges of academic study requires discipline, motivation, perseverance, tenacity and tremendous determination.  We are, therefore, especially proud of all our 79 graduates so far and their publication record of 75 research papers in top academic and professional journals.  

The digital edition of the EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum 2023 will share the research findings of five of our PhD candidates and graduates. The subjects are of great topical interests.
We are extremely grateful to Professor Neng Wang (Columbia University, NBER) for agreeing to be the Keynote Speaker for this Forum. 
We will be delighted to welcome you to this event.

What's on the agenda

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Keynote Speech  

"A p Theory of Government Debt and Taxes"

by Neng Wang, PhD, Chong Khoon Lin Professor of Real Estate and Finance at Columbia University and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Research Presentations  

"Forecasting Asset Return Volatility from Past Price Data"

Speaker: Nobuaki Kato, PhD (2021)

"Study of Connectedness of Unemployment Growth Rates and GDP - a Network Approach"

Speaker: Aravind Srinivasan, PhD Candidate

"Pricing Climate Uncertainty Risk"

Speaker: Alessandro Gastaldello, PhD Candidate 

"Coverage Levels in Deposit Insurance: to Increase or Not to Increase"

Speaker: Juan Carlos Quintero, PhD (2021) 

"Interpretable Machine Learning in Cryptocurrency Asset Pricing"

Speaker: David Cai, PhD Candidate