Le Père-Noël Est-Il un Rocker ?

Programme de référence: 
EDHEC Master
€ 100,00
Creation date: 1994

Le Père Noël est-il un Rocker? is an association that organises a social music festival in the Lille area in November each year, which has attracted renowned artists like Roméo Elvis, Suzane, Tryo, Lomepal, Boulevard des Airs, 13 Blocks and many more. The principle is simple: 1 entry ticket bought = 1 present offered = 1 happy child. Since 1994, over 89,000 festival-goers have enabled over 39,000 children to receive presents during re-distribution days. The association is also engaged in educating through the arts, by organising “sound” afternoons and half-day “discoveries” focused on certain aspects of music for children in social centres in the Lille area.