EDHEC Giving

Together we make a difference. Collaborative support helps invest in new opportunities, fuels innovation, acts quickly on strategic initiatives and advances EDHEC’s mission.

Giving back to EDHEC: a powerful way to support a better future for next generations

Independence is a driver and a hallmark of EDHEC, whose budget is 96% funded by tuition fees and partner companies. Founded in 1998, EDHEC Giving has a decisive role to play in endeavoring to maintain the value of an EDHEC degree at the highest level.

In recent years, flexible financial resources from the EDHEC Giving have allowed us to attract the best students in need of financial aid, to launch groundbreaking research and to deliver exceptional student experiences in the classroom and beyond. Making a gift to the EDHEC Foundation – of any amount – shows your support and helps to advance our school. By supporting our projects, you are providing us with the means to:

  • Raise the amount of scholarships and the number of student beneficiaries,
  • Support students and EDHEC graduates in their start-up projects within the EDHEC incubator,
  • Improve the students’ experience with the deployment of new ‘classrooms of the future’,
  • Impact the business world thanks to innovative and applied research.

All stakeholders (Alumni, parents, friends, sponsor companies) have a decisive role to play in endeavoring to maintain the value of an EDHEC degree at the highest level.

Launched in 2010, a fundraising campaign contributed significantly to the School’s development and its rise through the ranks of the best business schools in Europe. Bolstered by numerous graduates and partner companies, this collective effort has helped to finance the expansion and modernisation of the campuses, along with the bursary programme and many educational innovations.

Discover EDHEC Giving



1 000

and more bursaries granted in 5 years

20 %

of students are beneficiaries

€ 9M

set aside for bursaries
and interest-free loans


The projects sponsored include:

Supporting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

The Act for EDHEC campaign plays a vital role in the success of the EDHEC Entrepreneurs incubator: donors contribute to the hatching of tomorrow's large companies – just like the 100 projects developed yearly, creating 1000 jobs.

EDHEC4ALL: a real commitment to equal opportunities

Another important investment made possible by the Act for EDHEC campaign is the EDHEC4ALL programme, which marks the School's commitment to social and cultural diversity. This ambitious student support scheme aims to achieve educational excellence and has handed out more than 1,000 bursaries in five years, while the amount of the bursary has doubled.

PILAB: preparing the lessons of tomorrow

The Pedagogic Innovation Lab is one of a kind, giving the teaching faculty the means to devise an interactive, collaborative and connected education for the future: classroom multimedia experiments, e-learning, immersion, innovative programmes, etc.


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