EDHECinfra is a team of 20 people based in Singapore and London, that creates and delivers exciting new data to the private infrastructure investment sector. Created in 2016 at EDHEC Business School, EDHECinfra has launched an index platform in 2019 that is now used by major investors around the world to research and benchmark their infrastructure portfolio and strategy.

The infrastructure and climate impact research institutes of EDHEC Business School are recruiting two research engineers to develop and disseminate expertise on climate transition at the level of sectors and companies, with a focus on technological and economic dimensions. The work will range from assessing the ambition and feasibility of sector transition pathways, to allotting pathway-consistent sectoral budgets to economic units, to assessing the quality of transition plans down to the company and asset-level. The work will support the research and policy advocacy activities of the new EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute as well as the alignment assessment activities of EDHECinfra.


The SRE will critically analyse the feasibility, impact potential and risks of transition pathways designed for various industry sectors taking into account physical, technological and economic/financial limits as well as geopolitical and social dimensions.  Building on the knowledge developed at the sector level, the SRE will develop methodologies to assess the ambition, credibility, and risks of transition plans put forward at the company level, with particular focus on the feasibility and adequacy of the proposed course of actions from the points of view of targeted market shares/revenues, technological deployment, and capital expenditures.  The SRE will author research publications, methodological briefs, and case studies to disseminate the insights developed to the sustainability and transition community as well as the wider public.  The work of the SRE on current and future technologies and on the qualification of transition pathways and plans at the level of industries and assets will inform the community of EDHEC Business School researchers working on climate transition and climate finance.  Such work would contribute to creating a system of knowledge of climate- and environmentally- relevant information supporting double-materiality analyses (of the climate impact of transitioning activities and the economic and financial impact of transitions).

Representative publications would include studies of:

- The technical, physical, environmental and economic characteristics of the various technologies underpinning specific activities and the promises and challenges of emerging technologies;
- The opportunities, challenges, likelihood and risks of transition pathways for specific activities;
- Current and projected climate performance of various companies across an industry.


- Research degree (PhD)
- Engineering qualification, a specialisation in industrial engineering (transport or energy) would be highly relevant
- Experience of producing written research key
- Exposure to climate science and climate transition scenario (building) highly relevant
- A minimum of 5 year+ experience, industrial experience welcome
- A minimum of 5 year+ exposure to finance welcome

About EDHECinfra: 

A work permit is necessary.

To apply for this offer, please send a CV and a cover letter to: [email protected].

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