Grégoire Cauchie

Associate Professor

Main contributions

Journal of Human Capital (2016), Social Science & Medicine (2012)

Discipline: Economics
Faculty: Data Science, Economics & Finance
Expertise: Economics of Entrepreneurship, Human Capital Theory, Applied Econometrics


Grégoire Cauchie, PhD, is Associate Professor of Economics and member of the Economics Research Centre at EDHEC Business School. He obtained a doctorate in economics from the University of Lille 1 - Sciences and Technologies in 2014. His research focuses on the economics of entrepreneurship and applied econometrics and relates to the role of the entrepreneur's human capital stock in his performance. Grégoire Cauchie has published in the Journal of Human Capital and Social Science & Medicine. 

Publications of Grégoire Cauchie

01.08.2016 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

New Firm Survival: Isolating the Role of Founders’ Human Capital in Accounting for Firm Longevity

Grégoire Cauchie, Nicolas Gérard Vaillant

Journal of Human Capital, August 2016

01.06.2012 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

The role of family incomes in cigarette smoking: Evidence from French students

Christian Ben Lakhdar, Grégoire Cauchie, Nicolas Gérard Vaillant, François-Charles Wolff

Social Science & Medicine, June 2012