Hélène De Brebisson

Associate Professor

Main contributions

International Review of Law and Economics, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Discipline: Accounting
Faculty: Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs
Expertise: Accounting, Corporate Finance, Harmonization


After working for ten years in companies as a consultant, manager and then financial director, Hélène de Brébisson, a graduate of HEC Paris, taught for ten years at IESEG, where she also directed an apprenticeship Master's degree. She obtained her PhD at the University of Lille (2017). Her teaching focuses on accounting issues and is aimed at students and professionals of all levels, both beginners and specialists in these subjects. Her research work, both quantitative and qualitative, focuses on the economic consequences of the harmonization of financial information. It questions the role of the legal, linguistic and cultural environment in accounting practice, and explores the place of finance in small businesses. Hélène has published notably in the International Review of Law and Economics, Comptabilité - Contrôle - Audit and the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.

Publications of Hélène De Brebisson

25.11.2020 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Why choosing IFRS? Benefits of voluntary adoption by European private companies

Jérémie Bertrand, Hélène De Brebisson, Aurore Burietz

International Review of Law and Economics, Volume 65, March 2021

06.06.2018 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Philosophy of language and Accounting

Hélène De Brebisson, David J. Alexander, Cristina Circa, Roberta Fasiello, Eva Eberhartinger, Joanna Krasodomska, Markus Grottke

Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Volume 31, October 2018, Pages 1957 - 1980

01.11.2017 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Diversité des politiques d’adoption des IFRS : l’harmonisation financière est-elle possible ?

Hélène De Brebisson

Comptabilité Contrôle Audit, Volume 24, September 2018, Pages 7 - 36