Kumar Ranjan Rakesh


Management in Innovative Health Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Behaviour & Information Technology (2021), Journal of Service Theory and Practice (2020 ; 2021), Journal of Marketing Management (2021), Industrial Marketing Management (2019 ; 2020 ; 2021), Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (2020), Journal of Business Research (2017 ; 2019 ; 2020), AMS Review (2019), Journal of Services Marketing (2015 ; 2016 ; 2019), Journal of International Management (2018), European Journal of Marketing (2018), Rutgers Business Review (2017), Journal of Interactive Marketing (2017), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2014)

Discipline: Marketing
Faculty: Marketing
Expertise: Consumer Information Processing, Sales Influence Tactics, Retailing


Kumar Rakesh Ranjan is a Professor in Marketing at the EDHEC Business School. He has worked at the Business School, Univ. of Queensland (Australia), and the IIMs at Calcutta and Trichy (India). His research is focused on co-creation of value, performance of frontline employees and salesforce, service interaction, e-WoM and social media. His research has appeared in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Rutgers Business Review, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of International Management among others. He has taught courses such as Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Sales and Distribution Management, Consumer Behavior, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Research Methods across the MBA, EMBA, and Doctoral Programs. His teaching cases have been published and distributed by Ivey, and HBS/IIM Bangalore. Rakesh did his FPM (~PhD) in 2014 from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Publications of Kumar Ranjan Rakesh

05.03.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Multilevel Value Co-Creation Within Key Accounts

Kumar Ranjan Rakesh, Scott B. Friend, Avinash Malshe

Journal of Service Research, March 2024, Pages 1 - 22

15.11.2023 - EDHEC publication

(Newsletter #1) Greener, chattier, more connected… How do companies address "new" customers?

Kumar Ranjan Rakesh, Arne De Keyser, Ivan Gordeliy, Martin Wetzels, Ludovic Cailluet, Loick Menvielle, Joëlle Vanhamme, Sabine Ruaud

EDHEC VOX, November 2023

12.11.2023 - EDHEC publication

How can corporate giving benefit consumers’ perceptions?

Kumar Ranjan Rakesh

Management in Innovative Health Chair, EDHEC VOX, November 2023

01.03.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Corporate giving and its impact on consumer evaluations: A meta-analysis

Kumar Ranjan Rakesh, Saha Sajeeb, Pappu Ravi, Akhlagpour Saeed

Journal of Business Research, Volume 158, March 2023, Pages 1 - 13

13.09.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

A Goods-Dominant—Service-Dominant Perspective on Counterfeiting

Kumar Ranjan Rakesh, Sudeep Rohit

Journal of Macromarketing, September 2022, Pages 1 - 14

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