Bureau des élèves BBA

Student Life

The BDE BBA is the prime point of contact between students, associations and the administration. Its role is also to support the initiatives of students and student associations. We want to accompany and entertain EDHEC students every day with events and activities. We also seek to foster each individual’s personal fulfilment by integrating students and bringing the class year together.








15.07.2024 - Master
Foresight 2050: EDHEC Master’s Students Discuss Their Future-Forward Solutions
In June 2024, master’s students from various prestigious institutions converged in Madrid for the Foresight 2050 Workshop. This innovative event focused on envisioning the future of industries by 2050, emphasising sustainability and social justice.…
10.07.2024 - Entrepreneurs
Champions Journey - The Persevering Entrepreneur
After a solid engineering education and an early passion for the aviation sector, Maxime Meijers embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure by co-founding Estuaire, a startup incubated within the EDHEC Entrepreneurs network at STATION F. Accompanied…
05.07.2024 - EDHEC
EDHEC organises the 1st edition of EDHEC Vox Dialogues
On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, EDHEC Business School's Paris campus hosted the first edition of the EDHEC Vox Dialogues. The aim of this new series of conferences is to provide a space for reflection and discussion in line with the key priorities of the…